A Renewed Town Centre for West Ryde 

What is happening at West Ryde?

The redevelopment of West Ryde Urban Village will deliver a revived and vibrant town centre, with renewed character, improved pedestrian environments and accessibility plus attractive public spaces for those who live, work and visit the centre. 

The Marketplace containing a Woolworths supermarket, independent retailers, car parking and a new West Ryde Library was the first phase of the redevelopment to be completed. 

The recently opened West Ryde Community Centre is another important milestone of the project. It replaces a collection of old, poorly linked buildings and services, and now accommodates a range of interconnected local child and family support services over four floors. It also provides a large hall for public use. 

The current phase of redevelopment involves road and drainage works, completion of the Village Square and construction of a mixed-use building. A residential component above the supermarket is also underway. 

  • 2005 - West Ryde Marketplace / Woolworths and West Ryde Library open
  • 2011 - Betts Street / carpark relocated
  • August 2011 - West Ryde Community Centre completed and handed to City of Ryde
  • July 2013 - Stage 1 of roadworks complete on Chatham Road and Betts Street
  • October 2013 - The TOGA Group secures development rights for residential apartments
  • December 2013 - Coles car park opens – 307 public vehicle spaces

Current Works 

The mixed use building, Village Square and parking, will provide:

  • A Coles supermarket
  • Five floors of residential apartments
  • A public Village Square for daily use by the West Ryde community, with the capacity to cater for community events and festivals, which opens the area and connects the new buildings and the existing Marketplace development
  • Renewed infrastructure for stormwater drainage and footpaths – reconstruction of Anthony Road and part of Reserve Street
  • Sufficient car spaces to replace the old open air car park plus additional undercover parking for shoppers, visitors and residents in the development.

Drainage infrastructure, the road network and concerns regarding traffic congestion have been priorities in the development of the master plan. The road works will enhance pedestrian safety and improve traffic flow. The works will also improve stormwater flow and drainage, to reduce the incidence of flash flooding and its impact on residents and businesses.

Who is undertaking the development? 
The City of Ryde provided the land and the vision for the West Ryde Urban Village redevelopment. The developer is Coles Group Property Developments. The apartments are owned and are being constructed by The TOGA Group.

What is Council’s involvement? 
Council is the consent and compliance authority for the development. It will also own the upgraded roads, stormwater and public domain at the completion of the development. Council also owns the West Ryde Community Centre and the basement level 2 car park underneath the new mixed use building.


What will be the hours and days of construction? Will they be building at weekends and night-time? 
The development application, approved by Council, defines the hours of construction, demolition and associated work to be between 7am and 7pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 4pm on Saturdays. Council may authorise work outside these hours by prior written approval.

What are the opening hours of the Coles loading dock? 
According to the DA conditions of consent, Item 145. “the Coles loading dock opening hours are 7am to 8pm, 7 days per week.” Coles has lodged a Section96 application to extend the opening hours to 6am to 12 midnight (MOD2013/0193) which was refused by Council on 4 March 2014. Refer to the Planning and Environment Committee 4 March 2014 Meeting Minutes.

What should I do if I am concerned about noise, dust or other things? 
Sign boards have been provided in strategic locations at the new West Ryde Community Centre site. The sign boards display contact details. You can also obtain assistance by contacting Council's Customer Service Centre on 9952 8222.

Note that the development works are subject to a number of controls including fences, safety, signs, sediment control, removal of waste material, covering of transport loads, dust control, burning of waste, debris and mud on roads.


What will the traffic in West Ryde be like? How will it be managed? 
Construction Traffic Management Plan has to be submitted to Council for approval prior to any changes being made to roads and traffic in the area. The aim of this plan will be to define the movement of vehicles with the least impact upon local road users. 
When traffic will be impacted full traffic control measures will be implemented and local residents and businesses forewarned.

Every development has an effect upon local footpaths and roads and in West Ryde we are faced with a particularly compressed and busy road network. Everything practical will be done during the works to minimise the impact upon the community.

What are the remaining road works? 
The road works will enhance pedestrian safety and improve traffic flow. The works will also improve stormwater flow and drainage, to reduce the incidence of flooding and include:

  • Installation of stormwater drainage in the lower end of Reserve Street and Anthony Road – this large-scale drainage work is vital in the long term to protect residential and business properties, the new West Ryde Community Centre and the integrity of the road surfaces, from flash and major flooding incidents
  • Installation of a raised pedestrian crossing in Anthony Road to connect the Village Square and the Community Centre
  • Reconstruction of Anthony Road and part Reserve Street to improve overland flow of flood water
  • Installation of granite paving on Anthony Road and Reserve Street fronting the Village Square and Community Centre.

What are the major affects to roads? 
There will be disruptions to traffic flow at times.

  • Anthony Road and Reserve Street will be operational but subject to traffic disruption once roadworks commenced in early 2014. This work includes installation of stormwater infrastructure and road reconstruction.
  • Chatham Road, New Market Street and Graf Avenue will be operational throughout the redevelopment.
  • The road closure of Betts Street was completed in 2011 and Betts Street was relocated northwards to connect Anthony and Chatham Roads just south of Darvall Park (the model steam trains enclosure). No land has been taken from residences or the park to achieve this.

Will there be prior notification if roads need to be blocked? 
Any traffic management measures will require Council and Roads and Maritime Services (previously RTA) approval and a condition of that will be that local residents and businesses are forewarned. If any road needs to be closed temporarily (eg. to deliver a large piece of equipment to the site) Council will require that, if practical, this occurs at a time of least impact to road users.


Where can I park? 
There are four main parking areas:

Beneath Coles
Two levels of undercover car parking beneath the new mixed use building were opened in December 2013. This provides parking for 307 vehicles and 2 hours free parking after which a fee applies. The new car park is jointly owned by Coles and Council and is open 8am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

Anthony Road Temporary Car Park
A temporary car park at 7 Anthony Road, with 47 spaces, including three spaces for disables drivers, remains open. It will be closed upon completion of construction and residents will be consulted about future use of the land. The car park is open from 8am - 6pm Monday to Saturday. It is closed on Sundays. A two hour parking limit applies within this car park.

West Ryde Marketplace
An existing carpark opened in 2005.

Commuter parking
This is provided by the STA on the eastern side of West Ryde train station.

Everything practical is being done to lessen the impact of the construction works upon local parking. However there will be temporary changes and some inconvenience until the mixed use building is completed.

New Mixed-Use Building 

When will the Coles Supermarket open? 
A new Coles supermarket is expected to open by December 2014. The supermarket will open directly onto the new Village Square, directly opposite West Ryde Marketplace.

When will the apartments be finished? 
The apartments are owned and constructed by The TOGA Group who can advise on a completion date. Contact 1800 200 877.

How can I enquire about purchasing a home unit in the residential part of the mixed use building? 
The apartments are owned and constructed by The TOGA Group who can advise on sales information. Contact 1800 200 877.

Urban Village 

Who owns the public art and what is happening to it? 
Council now owns the Origami Horses public art and is in the process of replacing the temporary planter boxes with landscaping and other artistic elements to complete the evolution of the artwork and further enhance public safety.

Will the new Urban Village be accessible? 
The West Ryde Urban village will be accessible to all. It will fully comply with all authority requirements for accessibility and is being designed and constructed to make it easy for everyone to move between the two major shopping centres, the Village Square and across a re-levelled Anthony Road to the West Ryde Community Centre building. Convenient access for buses and taxis is also being provided. The developers have appointed a prominent DDA consultant as part of the design and certification team.

Consultation / Information 

Has the community been consulted? 
The community was consulted extensively at the planning stages and during the development application process. Residents and businesses in the area were encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed development. Public displays, information and feedback forms, newsletters and website information have also been provided.

A new program of community engagement by Council is currently underway that includes improved signage, regular newsletter updates, information and meet and greet events with retailers and shoppers.

As the consent authority, the City of Ryde is committed to keeping residents and business operators fully informed about the progress of the development.

Where do I find out more? 
You can track the progress of the development and find out more about the new shops and facilities on the West Ryde Urban Village Development page. For other enquiries contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9952 8222.

The West Ryde Community Centre was opened by Council in 2013. This is a one stop community care centre accommodating local childcare and family support services, as well as a large hall for public use. Services available include:

  • Benevolent Society -  a not for profit service which empowers and educates for personal and societal change in Australia through building strong families and healthy communities
  • Early Childhood Health Centre - which provides baby check ups and other specialist child health service for parents and/or caregivers with children 0–5 years who live in the City of Ryde area
  • Good Beginnings Australia - a national non-profit organisation providing free early childhood and practical parenting programs for children and families
  • Housing NSW - Operates under the Housing Act 2001 to manage the New South Wales Government’s housing portfolio and develop broader housing strategies
  • Korean Lifeline - a telephone counselling service for the Korean community in Australia
  • West Ryde Neighbourhood Children’s Centre - a non-profit community-based, accredited long day care centre and preschool catering for children aged 0 - 5 years
  • Relationships Australia - a multi lingual service that refer members of the community to relevant services and also run workshops, information sessions on health, legal information, relationship support and conversational English – all free of charge
  • Ryde Family Support Service - a community-based organisation that provides practical and emotional support for families and children who are experiencing stress or crisis.