Eastwood and Terrys Creek Catchment

The Terrys Creek catchment extends from Carlingford to the Lane Cove River, and includes the local government areas of Parramatta City and Hornsby Shire Councils. The estimated total area of Terrys Creek is approximately 1012 hectares (10.12 square kilometres).

The floodplain risk management process was undertaken by the Council in accordance with the State Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy (2005). The main focus of the study is the Eastwood commercial area and that part of Terrys Creek within the City of Ryde.

Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

The Flood Study is a comprehensive technical investigation of flood behaviour in the study area. It defines how high floodwater can reach in different flood events, including the extent and depth of inundation.

The Floodplain Management Study & Plan evaluates a range of potential flood mitigation options, including capital works and planning controls, and recommends preferred floodplain management measures to reduce the flood risk.

Both of these documents have been developed to better understand and manage flood risk within the study area.

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Flood Study Report - November 2008
Documents the nature and extent of flooding throughout the study area

Final Report - October 2009(PDF, 23MB)

Provides background on the consultation process, a summary of flood behaviour, flood damage assessment, evaluation of floodplain management measures and the resulting recommendations.