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Roads Program

At the City of Ryde, we manage and maintain our road based assets through the $14.3 million roads program to ensure that they remain safe and are sustainable in the long term and provide a satisfactory level of service for the community. 

Current Works

Location Segment Status
Morshead Street, North Ryde(PDF, 2MB) Wicks Road - Ryrie Street Current
Monash Road, Gladesville(PDF, 500KB) Buffalo Road - Higginbotham Road Current 
Pittwater Road High Street - Field of Mars Current
Princes Street, Ryde Buffalo Road - Blaxland Road Current

Completed Works

Location Segment Date of Completion
Abaroo Street, Ryde(PDF, 651KB) Bidgee Road - Nanbaree Road 03/02/2020
Arras Parade, Ryde Cul De Sac (N) - Victoria Road 04/02/2020
Auld Avenue, Eastwood 18/09/2019 
Boronia Lane, Denistone East Lovell Road, Russell Street 30/05/2019
Burke Street, Ryde Pooley Street - Cul De Sac (W) 20/08/2019
Chatham Road, West Ryde Simla Road - No. 64 Chatham Road 29/04/2020
Cooney Street, North Ryde (MicroSurface) Cooney Street 27/04/2020
Coulter Street, Gladesville Ross Street - Linsley Street 15/01/2020
Cowell Street, Gladesville Victoria Road - Gladstone Avenue 27/04/2020
Cox's Road, North Ryde (MicroSurface) Cox's Road 27/04/2020
Deborah Place, Eastwood Cul De Sac (S) - Vimiera Road 24/01/2020
Delange Road, Putney Frances Road - Phillip Road 27/04/2020
Denistone Road, Eastwood Fourth Avenue - Florence Avenue 27/04/2020
Fitzpatrick Street, Marsfield Carmen Street - Cul De Sa 10/01/2020
Gannet Street, Gladesvillle Pittwater Road - Halycon Street 14/05/2020
Gladstone Avenue, Putney Wandoo Avenue - Eagle Street 04/05/2020
Hillview Road, Eastwood Lakeside Road - West Parade 11/05/2020
John Street, West Ryde Winbourne Street - Lambert Street 10/03/2020
Kathleen Street, North Ryde House Number 11 - Beatrice Street 22/08/2019
Kells Road, Ryde(PDF, 651KB) Buffalo Road - Bidgee Road 27/04/2020
Linsley Street, Gladesville Western Crescent - Morrison Road 14/01/2020
Morshead Street, North Ryde(PDF, 2MB) Berryman Street - Blenheim Road 01/06/2020 
Olive Street, Ryde Bridge Road - Ronald Avenue 07/04/2020
Orient Street, Gladesville College Street - Buffalo Road 21/08/2019
Oxford Street, Gladesville Cambridge Street - Eltham Street 22/01/2020
Parer Street, Melrose Park Lancaster Avenue - Cobham Avenue 19/08/2019
Parklands Road, North Ryde Beswick Avenue - Whiteside Street 29/01/2020
Pembroke Road, Marsfield Vimiera Road - Agincourt Road 21/01/2020
Pennant Avenue, Denistone Inkerman Road - Anzac Avenue 27/03/2020
Phillip Road, Putney Charles Street - Delange Road 17/04/2020
Phillip Road, Putney Payten Street - Douglas Street 17/04/2020
Pile Street, Gladesville Meriton Street - Wharf Road, Gladesville 12/03/2020
Pittwater Road, North Ryde (MicroSurface) Pittwater Road 30/01/2020
Potts Street, Ryde  Weaver Street - Tennyson Roa 20/08/2019
Pratten Avenue, Ryde Buffalo Road - Watt Avenue 30/01/2020
Preventative Treatments 2019-20 Various locations 03/02/2020
Providence Road, Ryde Buffalo Road - Bright Street 05/06/2020
Providence Road, Ryde Dolan Street - Victoria Road 06/06/2020
QuarryRoad, Ryde (MicroSurface) Quarry Road 04/05/2020
Rickard Street, Denistone East Blaxland Road - North Road 04/05/2020
Rundle Place, Gladesville Swan Street - Cul De Sac (S) 20/03/2020
Ryrie Street, North Ryde (MicroSurface) Ryrie Street 30/01/2020
SealCoat (Cooney Street), North Ryde Cooney Street 20/12/2019
Shackel Avenue, Gladesville House Number 14 - Meriton Street 12/03/2020
Sunhill Place, North Ryde Trevitt Road - Cul De Sac (N) 06/01/2020
Talavera Road, Macquarie Park Khartoum Road - Lane Cove Road 22/04/2020
Threlfall Street, Eastwood North Road - Abuklea Road 26/02/2020
Toni Crescent, Ryde Dobson Crescent - Cul De Sac (S) 20/12/2019
Tramway Street, Denistone Driver Street - Crosby Street 01/05/2020
Wade Street, Putney Regent Street - Osborne Avenue 27/04/2020
Watt Avenue, Ryde Pratten Avenue - Cul De Sac (E) 31/01/2020
Wattle Street, West Ryde Forster Street - Ryedale Road  16/04/2020
Last updated on 27 May 2020