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Stormwater Program

Our $4.35 million Catchment program maintains our stormwater infrastructure and natural waterways to support improved water quality and healthy catchments while effectively managing stormwater, flooding and runoff.

Current Works

Location Segment Status
Monash Road, Gladesville(PDF, 500KB) Higginbotham Road - Buffalo Road Current
Shepherd's Bay Outlets, Meadowbank 146 Bowden St Trunk Drainage Current
CCTV investigations    Current
Creek Rehabilitation    Current

Monash Road, Gladesville

Pipe Lining Treatments - Combined   Current
Pit Investigations    Current
Shepherds Bay Outlet   Current
Cilento Crescent, East Ryde(PDF, 530KB)     Complete
Coxs Road, North Ryde(PDF, 471KB)   Complete
Mars Lane, Gladesville(PDF, 513KB) (Mars Lane has replaced SRV Darvall Road, Denistone West in p56 of delivery plan 2020-24)    Current
Pit Replacement   Current
Pit/Pipe Small Reconstructions   Current
Water Quality & Riparian Improvements   Current
Last updated on 24 November 2020