Interesting Places to Cycle To

Map references have been provided for the location of the historical points and some of the natural areas. Please refer to the City of Ryde Bike Map.

Historical Points

  • Bedlam Ferry (end of Punt Road, Gladesville) Map Ref: N19
  • Bennelong's Burial Site (end of Watson Street, Putney) Map Ref: H16
  • Brush Farm House (Lawson Street. Eastwood) Map Ref: B9
  • Curzon Hall (cnr Balaclava and Agincourt Roads, Marsfield) Map Ref: H6
  • Gladesville's First Wharf and Post Office (end of Wharf Road, Gladesville) Map Ref: M19
  • Granny Smith's Orchard (Threlfall Street, Eastwood) Map Ref: H7
  • Kissing Point and Wharf (cnr Waterview Street and Delange Road, Putney) Map Ref: H17
  • Looking Glass Bay (end of Wharf Road, Gladesville) Map Ref: N19
  • Memorial Park on the foreshore of Parramatta River (Meadow Crescent, Meadowbank) Map Ref: E14
  • Mortlake Ferry, Putney Punt (end Pellisier Road, Putney) Map Ref: J18
  • North Ryde School and Gas Light (Coxs Road, North Ryde) Map Ref: M9
  • Rockend Cottage, Banjo Paterson Park (1 Punt Road, Gladesville) Map Ref: N19
  • Settlers Park, Squires Brewery (Waterview Street, Putney) Map Ref: H16
  • Ryde Wharf (Schooner's Wharf) Map Ref: G15
  • St Anne's Church and Cemetery Map Ref: J14

Natural Areas

  • Lane Cove National Park at Browns Waterhole
  • Lane Cove National Park De Burghs Bridge to Fullers Bridge
  • Terrys Creek (walking only)
  • Field of Mars Reserve (walking only) Pittwater Road, Gladesville Map Ref: P13
  • Brush Farm Park (walking only) Lawson Street Eastwood Map Ref: B9
  • Wallumatta Nature Reserve (walking only)

Recreational Parks

  • Abuklea Road Tennis Centre (tennis)
  • Christie Park (soccer)
  • Eastwood Park (soccer and cricket)
  • ELS Hall Park (fitness circuit, soccer; rugby league, Australian Rules, cricket, baseball and softball)
  • Fontenoy Park (soccer)
  • Macquarie University Sport and Aquatic Centre (pool, gym)
  • Macquarie University Sports fields (soccer and cricket)
  • Magdala Park (soccer and baseball)
  • Marsfield Park (rugby union and cricket)
  • Meadowbank Sports fields (tennis, soccer, cricket, baseball, hockey and netball)
  • Morrison Bay Park (soccer and cricket)
  • North Ryde Park (soccer and cricket)
  • Ryde Aquatic Centre (pool, gym, water sports)
  • Ryde Park (rugby union and league, soccer and cricket)
  • Santa Rosa Park (soccer)
  • TG Milner Field (rugby union)
  • Tuckwell Park (cricket and baseball)