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Status of Women

Role and Responsibilities

Promotes the status of women and encourages a 'sense of place' for women in Ryde Local Government Area (LGA). 

For more detailed information download the Status of Women Advisory Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 78KB)


Chairperson: Clr Penny Pedersen
Community Representatives: TBD
Convenor: Jonathan Nanlohy


Meetings are held quarterly, on the third Thursday of the month, at the Council Chambers, Level 1A, 1 Pope Street, Ryde at 6.30 pm. 

2018 meeting dates: 15 February, 17 May, 16 August, 15 November 

Agendas Minutes
15 February 2018(PDF, 128KB) 15 February 2018

Past Agendas and Minutes

Agendas Minutes
17 August 2017(PDF, 168KB)   17 August 2017 
4 May 2017(PDF, 169KB)  4 May 2017(PDF, 256KB)
2 February 2017(PDF, 138KB)   2 February 2017(PDF, 180KB)  
24 November 2016  24 November 2016 
2 June 2016(PDF, 138KB)    2 June 2016(PDF, 187KB)
5 November 2015(PDF, 122KB)  05 November 2015(PDF, 123KB)
30 July 2015(PDF, 122KB)  30 July 2015(PDF, 148KB) 
14 May 2015(PDF, 88KB) 14 May 2015(PDF, 228KB)


Last updated on 12 February 2018