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City of Ryde Councillors


There is a new Council as a result of the Local Government Elections held on Saturday, 9 September 2017. Councillors are listed in alphabetical order per Ward. More details coming. Come back soon. 

Unsure what Ward you are in? Click on the button below to visit My Neighbourhood, our new interactive map. By typing in your address you will be able to find your Ward. 

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Central Ward

  Clr Edwina Clifton
  Clr Chris Moujalli
  Clr Bernard Purcell 
  Clr Sarkis Yedelian

East Ward

  Clr Christopher Gordon
  Clr Jordan Lane
  Clr Roy Maggio
  Clr Penny Pedersen

West Ward

  Clr Trenton Brown
  Clr Peter Kim 
  Clr Jerome Laxale
  Clr Shuo (Simon) Zhou


Disclaimer: Social media accounts operated by Councillors represent the personal views of those elected representatives and not the official views of Council. Councillors identifying themselves as Councillors on social media platforms are bound by Council’s Code of Conduct.

Last updated on 18 September 2017