Building or extending a home or business premises? In this section you’ll find all the information you need to comply with Council regulations.

Ryde Planning and Business Centre

Offers specialised planning, development and business services.

Title Encumbrances and Land Dealings

Information and standard terms for positive covenant and restriction on the use of land.

Planning Controls

Documents that explain the standards and restrictions for new development.

Development Applications

Information about the Development Application process, Development Applications on public exhibition and how Council can assist and advise you.

Commercial Premises

Everything you need to know to make sure any changes to your commercial premises comply with Council regulations.

Major Developments

Large scale developments within the City of Ryde and developments of State significance.

Town Centres

The visions for the future of our various town centres and the plans and strategies to achieve them.


Find out about the planning process for new houses and affordable rental housing.

Section 94 Contributions Plan

Levy contributions provided by developers. These contributions allow Council to build extra public amenities and services required as a result of the development.


Items and places that are heritage listed and the types of heritage found in the City of Ryde.

Page Last Updated: 5 November 2014

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