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Sustainability Talks

Join us in a series of Sustainability Talks produced in collaboration with Macquarie University. These solutions based talks bring together some of the leading thinkers in their respective fields to discuss what is happening across policy, private industry and research to tackle Sydney’s increasing development in a sustainable way. 

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Information will be posted closer to the event date.


These Podcasts have been brought to you by 2SER and Macquarie University. 

TrainStation_MREC Transport

Looking at solutions to increase sustainable transport in Sydney and reducing the congestion on our streets. Guest presenters Marg Prendergast, Coordinator General for Transport NSW, Zara Crichton, General Manager of Connect Macquarie Park + North Ryde, and Rebecca Edwards, Director Projects & Programs, Sustainable Business Australia.



GreenPublicSpaces_MREC Green and Public Spaces

Explore how we can increase the value and amount of green and public space in Sydney with the increasing pressure of development and population growth. Guest presenters include Dr Peter Davies, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Planning, Macquarie University, Adrian McGregor, Founder and CEO of McGregor Coxall, Kylie Legge, Founding Director of Place Partners, and Ben Peacock, Founder of Republic of Everyone.



Ryde-Riverwalk_MREC.jpg Cultural and Natural Heritage

Learn how we can integrate and value Australia’s cultural and natural heritage in a modern culture with presenters Dr Emilie Ens, Corss Cultural Ecologist, Macquarie University, Dr Donna Houston, Director of the Bachelor of Planning Program, Macquarie University, and Sarah Holland-Clift, Coordinator of the Parramatta River Catchment Group.