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Changes to ryde's development control plan 2014 - Part 9.5 tree preservation

Effective from Wednesday 10 August 2016, the following DCP amendments will come into force: 

  • Allowing pruning of up to 10% of the canopy of a tree within a 12 month period without approval (subject to certain requirements);
  • Increasing the distance where tree works can be conducted without approval from 3 to 4 metres;
  • Allowing the following trees to be removed without approval - Acacia saligna (Golden Wreath Wattle), Acer negundo (Box Elder), Celtis sinensis (Hackberry), Cotoneaster sp. (Cotoneaster) and Robinia pseudoacacia (Golden Robinia);
  • Introducing assessment criteria for consideration of Tree Management Applications;
  • Other minor amendments.

For more information see the City of Ryde's Development Control Plan 2014 Part 9.5 - Tree Preservation(PDF, 1MB)