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At-Call Household CleanUp Collection

How to book your CleanUp  -  Accepted Cleanup items  -  Not accepted CleanUp items  -  Handy Hints

Household CleanUp collections will no longer be scheduled by Council. Instead, a booked Household CleanUp collection service is available to meet your needs. This is what we mean by an ‘At-Call’ service. This change enables you greater control over Household CleanUps and is designed to be more flexible and convenient.

Residents living in a multi-unit complex (that have a shared bin service) will access Household CleanUps via a booking made by their Managing Body (Strata Manager, Owners Corporation, Property Manager or designated person). 

You will continue to have up to 5 Household CleanUp collections per calendar year. This service allows for the disposal of bulky items which can’t be placed in the regular household garbage, recycling and garden organic bins. 

Each household booking is entitled to up to 1.5 cubic metres of material, which is equivalent to one box trailer load per collection. Multiple bookings are available to those residents that have more than 1.5 cubic metres of materials to dispose of.

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How to book your CleanUp

  • Residents living in a unit or apartment complex (multi-unit) that share a bin service:
    Contact your Managing Body (e.g. Strata Manager, Owners Corporation, Property Manager or designated person) and they will advise you of the next CleanUp collection date for your complex. 
    Managing Bodies can book a Household CleanUp collection service for their complex online or phone 02 9952 8222.
    Please note that the organising of Household CleanUp collections for each multi-unit complex will be dependent on individual Managing Bodies.
  • You will receive confirmation of your booked CleanUp date, set yourself a reminder.
  • Place items on the nature strip ONE day before your booked CleanUp collection date. Each household is entitled to no more than 1.5 cubic metres of material or equivalent to one box trailer load per collection.

Accepted CleanUp items

Accepted CleanUp items include:

  • Old furniture and appliances
  • Mattresses
  • Bundled and tied garden organics 
    • Nothing with spikes such as rosebushes, bougainvillea, some palm species 
    • No more than 2 metres in length 
    • Items not securely tied will not be taken
  • Small household items (must be contained)
  • Fence palings (nails removed, tied and in manageable bundles)
  • Rolled and tied carpet and linoleum (nails/tacks facing inwards)
  • Metal / whitegoods e.g. fridges (doors removed)
  • Tins (emptied)
  • Large plastic containers
  • Hot water systems (provided two people can lift it)
  • Small quantities of domestic renovation items e.g. toilets, kitchen cabinets (nails removed), baths and vanity units (no ceramics/porcelains)

Not accepted CleanUp items

Not accepted CleanUp items include:

  • TVs and computers (click here for information on how to book a free collection)
  • Gas bottles
  • Paint, chemicals, solvents and batteries (click here for information on disposal options)
  • Mirrors and glass items e.g. windows and shower screens
  • Tree trunks and branches over 8cm in diameter
  • Tyres
  • Engine blocks and car bodies
  • Decaying matter and general household garbage
  • Trade waste
  • Building waste including but not limited to:
    • Fibro / plaster board / insulation bats 
    • Dirt / sand / stones / bricks / concrete / roof tiles
    • Commercial / trade quantities of building and demolition material

The above materials can be disposed of at the SITA Ryde Resource Recovery Centre located at 145 Wicks Rd, North Ryde. Fees may apply. 

Monday – Friday 6.00am – 4.00pm 

Saturday and Sunday – 7.00am – 5.00pm 

For more information visit the Sita website or call 1300 651 116.

If you have reusable items to dispose of, The Bower Group may be able to help:

The Bower Group 

Phone 02 9568 6280 



Handy Hints

  • Always bundle and tie your garden organics
  • Separate your CleanUp items into 3 tidy piles: metals, garden organics and general household materials - so they can be recycled
  • Place small items in bags or boxes to reduce litter
  • Ensure items are no longer than 2 metres and can be lifted by 2 people
  • Remove spikes, nails and sharp objects
  • Present items neatly on the nature strip

REMEMBER: You may be fined for illegal dumping if you place materials on the nature strip earlier than 1 day before your booked CleanUp date or if you place materials on the nature strip without a CleanUp booking.

Last updated on 13 August 2015