Economic Development Strategy

The City of Ryde Economic Development Strategy (EDS) was adopted by Council on 15 December 2020.

The EDS leverages  and builds on Ryde’s existing assets and strengths, improves Ryde’s weaknesses, explores opportunities and responds to threats.

This was the result of a thorough consultation process with the community, analysis of the local economy and consideration of all relevant State Government agency plans. 
The three pillars of the City of Ryde’s Economic Development Strategy includes:

  • Place based marketing: leveraging from a place’s unique offers to actively attract businesses, talents, and investors;
  • Placemaking: A process which gives a place an identity that reflects the community’s collective vision; and
  • Capacity Building: Council facilitates and enables individuals and businesses to obtain, improve and retain the skills, tools and other resources needed for business success.

City of Ryde is a resilient economy that fosters innovation, attracts investment and celebrates diversity.

  1. Promote the City of Ryde’s capacity to support all types of businesses across a variety of industry sectors with their development, growth, and space requirements.
  2. The City of Ryde becomes a desired location for SMEs, high tech start ups and scale ups, creating investment and future jobs.
  3. The City of Ryde is positioned as a smart, innovative and green city at the heart of Sydney which attracts people to invest, live, work, visit and play locally.
  4. Implement programs to support youth employment pathways and match local job opportunities for people living in the City of Ryde, promoting it as a city with people who possess skill and talent to service all business needs.
  5. Continue to build and nurture strategic partnerships with key stakeholders to implement the Economic Development Strategy.
  6. That as an employer of choice, the City of Ryde encourages locals to work for the City.

The City of Ryde Economic Development Advisory Committee  (EDAC) is an advisory committee of Council and will continue to provide support to implement the EDS over the next four years. 

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