Business Case Study EOIs


To continue to support business, showcase local organisations and drive economic growth, the City of Ryde is seeking to develop a series of case studies across three main streams.

  1. Macquarie Park Precinct: We encourage businesses who have made the move to Macquarie Park in recent years to tell us about their experience, why they made the move and the positives outcomes of moving to the Macquarie Park precinct.

  2. Innovation & Innovative Thinking: We encourage businesses who have developed an innovative process, product or service to tell us about their experience, how they foster and develop innovation and innovative thinking in their organisation and an example of a recent innovation that had a positive outcome.

  3. Small Business Spotlight: We encourage MSMEs (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) to share with us a recent change or solution they implemented in their business which has had a positive outcome. Examples could include, outgrowing a home office and moving to larger premises, switching their bricks and mortar retail model to online to cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic etc.

We are seeking local businesses with a strong example in one or more streams to complete the case study questionnaire. Each stream features a specific series of questions. Businesses should complete the questionnaire in full to be considered for a case study. Businesses chosen for a case study will also have a short video created on their behalf.

Completed case studies and accompanying videos will be promoted on Council's website, showcased in electronic marketing initiatives including social media and e-newsletters, may be shared with relevant media outlets and other state government bodies to the City of Ryde as a place to do business, promote individual businesses and their strategic thinking initiatives.

Complete our case study questionnaire

Who should apply?

The City of Ryde is industry-agnostic. We invite all businesses in the City of Ryde who have a relevant example in one of the three streams listed above to complete the case study questionnaires below.

What is the selection criteria?

  • Must be able to provide an example related to one of the above streams.
  • Must be willing to have a short video produced with a focus on providing an overview of their particular case study.
  • Businesses are welcome to complete more than one case study questionnaire if they have examples across multiple streams.

How can I apply to have a case study written about my business?

Submit your interest using the online questionnaire forms below. Shortlisted businesses will be contacted for further information in due course. 

Case Study: Macquarie Park Precinct Questionnaire

Case Study: Innovation Questionnaire

Case Study: Small Business Spotlight Questionnaire