Community Exhibition Program

Community Exhibition

The City of Ryde Community Exhibition Program was developed to showcase and celebrate local creatives, and provide them with opportunities to publicly display their work.

Exhibitions were held in 2020 and 2021 at the Brush Farm House, Ryde Library Display Cabinet, Ryde Library Inspiration Wall and West Ryde Library Display Cabinet.

Past Events 

Brush Farm House 

living textures artwork by anna lloyd
Living Textures

Artists: Anna Lloyd, Romanda Newman, Eva Baer, Kelcie Bryant-Duguid, Rae Woolnough,  Robyn McGrath,  Natasja Horne, Jenepher Walker, Anna Warren, Nicola Coady and Lisa Shepherd. 
About the exhibition: 'Living Textures' presents works by a group of artists interested in connection to place and the textures of our surroundings. This exhibition features work made in response to Brush Farm House and the surrounding environment.

Places in Nature

Artists: 15 members of the Hoju Grime (Australian painters) and Grime (Painters) in Korea. This exhibition will be curated by Ms. Annette Choi and Ms. Hyun Joo Bang. 
About the exhibition: 'Places in Nature' is a group exhibition that explores beauty in nature through oil paintings by members of the Hoju Grime. The Hoju Grime, translated as 'Those who love painting in Australia', started in 2018 when five members participated in an exhibition held in Korea by the Grime group.

cecilia hwang artwork
Around Us

Artists: Cecilia Hwang, Mee Lee, Soon Hee Park, Sun-ho Park and others. 
About the exhibition: Around Us is a showcase of Korean artists, living in Sydney and Korea, responding to the surrounding natural world through art.

Ryde Library Display Cabinet

artisans ryde artwork
Annette Choi solo exhibition
annette choi artwork

Artist: Annette Choi
About the exhibition: Annette Choi's works are often bold and vibrant oil paintings inspired by beautiful flowers and gardens, as well as landscapes from Europe and Korea.

Ribbon Art Flower x ikebana
ribbon art flower xikebana.jpg

Artist: Peggy Tang; exhibition curated by Gordon Liu
About the exhibition: Peggy Tang combines ribbon art techniques with ikebana aesthetics to handcraft delicate Japanese flower arrangement miniatures and decorative accessories. 

The Rambling needle
the rambling needle artwork by narda campbell

Artist: Narda Campbell
About the exhibition: Narda Campbell's works explore the different ways needle and thread can be used to tell stories, through words and pictures.

Ryde Library Inspiration Wall

Abstract Explorations
abstract explorations artwork

Artist: Marissa O'Donnell
About the exhibition: Marissa O'Donnell takes inspiration from moments found in everyday life to create colourful, abstract and experimental photography. 

West Ryde Library Display Cabinet

Create anything out of nothing
create anything out of nothing artwork

Artist: Nelson Kerley
About the exhibition: With a focus on preserving the planet, Nelson Kerley reuses waste materials to create sculptures and objects that explore the challenges facing our natural environment.

More Information

For further information, contact our Arts & Cultural Development Coordinator on 9952 8222 or email