Dance Plaza

The City of Ryde worked with CLIPPED.TV to develop and debut four brand new and exclusive music video clips showcasing local artists. Each clip features local dancers and community members like you performing along to the song, contributing content to create custom music videos.

Local Creative Collaborators

CLIPPED.TV - Creative Partner

CLIPPED is a respected platform in Australia known for their media publication CLIPPED.TV and programming their annual Music Video Festival alongside Vivid Sydney. With a history pioneering experiential access points for music videos in live spaces, CLIPPED will partner to produce these local music videos for DANCE PLAZA.

Roman Tragedy - Featured Artist 

Roman Tragedy formed in 2018 after a chance first encounter, when lead singer Maz met guitarist Josie in a Japanese bookstore. The duo have been inseparable since, defining their neo-poptimist sound with front woman Maz’s octave-scaling vocals and the sublime melodicism of Josie's new wave riffs. Embracing their cultural identities and inherently feminist approach to storytelling, the duo offer their own firebrand take on modern indie-pop.

YURA - Featured Artist

YURA started music at the age of 16 and has since grown her passion for her art. Now at the age of 19, she has released an official single as well as a recent EP called “Scrapbook”. She is a proud Sydney Korean artist whose sound consists of a mixture of RnB and indie pop, and is a member of a collective crew called aisleland as of 2019.

rako - Featured Artist

Sydney Korean artist rako started off doing music with hip hop, and has since been influenced by alternative and indie rock. Since 2019, he has been a member of a collective crew called “aisleland”. He has continued to be active on his SoundCloud account and is now in the works of releasing an official album. His song “Smile, Smile” will be featured on his upcoming album.

Rotaris - Featured Artist

Rotaris is a rapper and hip hop producer who blends speedy flows with self-awareness and poetic flourishes. Born in Bangalore, India, and based in Sydney, he infuses his cross-cultural experiences over sample chops and solid drum grooves. His eclectic tastes are reflected in his music — with topics ranging from being a paper plane champion, cheeky commentary on veganism, to a general dislike of pseudoscience.

Jim Cole - Featured Artist Collaborator

Jim Cole collaborated with Rotaris to make ‘Can’t Bear the Truth.’ Cole is a Belgian singer, songwriter and producer. Born in 1979 to a Paraguayan father and Belgian mother, Cole has two soulful and funky albums under his belt — "Soul in 2” (2008) and "When Love Is Not Enough" (2011). Cole came third on The Voice of Flanders in 2016 with a smash cover of ‘Kiss’ by Prince.

Kase Avila - Musical Director

Kase Avila is an Australian-Fillipino DJ, producer and all round creative from Sydney (Meadowbank specifically), Australia. Packed full of depth, diversity and musicality, his music depicts sunrises, sunsets, headphone trips, all seasons and basically any time you want to elevate your soul and feel good. Kase aims to create unique drum patterns that influences the body to move mixed with chords and melodies that evokes warm nostalgic memories and feelings.

Makinlea - host

Makinlea is an emerging Australian artist based in Sydney. She fell in love with music at a young age, and then learned she loved to sing. She started playing guitar when she was 10, and now at 14 Makinlea writes and records her own music. Inspired by acoustic-pop, she is always experimenting with her sound and trying out different genres. Makinlea’s first song “growing up.” is currently out on Soundcloud.

Makinlea is part of the Humans of Eastwood family. Founded in 2015, Humans of Eastwood shares daily street news, memes and quirky stories of Eastwood and surrounding suburbs.

Andrew Yee - Our Man on the Street


Andrew Yee is a content creator and multidisciplinary artist based out of East Ryde. Yee has taken his passion for crafting unique and engaging narratives and applied it to his eclectic body of work. In the past he has worked with VIVID Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW, and The National Gallery of Victoria.