Five Ways Shopping Centre

Five Ways shopping centre

The Five Ways Shopping Centre has recently been upgraded with new paving and other features that benefit the lively strip shopping strip. Part of these improvements will include a trellis located at two locations in the Centre. The trellis concept takes the identified Art Theme of Native Forest Habitat as well as the vision of "Cultural Crossroads". The concept refers to the understorey of prior vegetation running along the creek lines and gullies as an echo of the transit of cultural movements and interaction along the roads.

The translation of plant structures into graphic representation is reinforced by the fronds of fern species or grass spikes rather than the use of eucalyptus species which are powerful in colour and texture. The insertion of the fern species is luxuriant as the moist habitat informs its canopy and the spread of fronds. As the foreground for soft plantings, the fern’s qualities contrast well. The grass species have dynamic line flourishes and are lightweight sketches along the street.

Project Location: Five Ways Shopping Precinct, Eastwood
Project Funding: City of Ryde
Project Artists: Milne and Stonehouse (initial trellis concept: Marie Stucci)
Project Completion Date: June 2009