Harry Anderson Pavilion Mural

Harry Anderson Pavilion Mural at Ryde Park

As part of The City of Ryde’s Street Art Program, a mural was installed on the rear three walls of the Harry Anderson Pavilion in Ryde Park. Council engaged artist Elliott Routledge to design and install the artwork.

As selected by the Arts Advisory Committee, this mural was designed and installed by Artist Elliot Routledge (AKA Elliott Numbskull or Funskull). Community consultation workshops were planned to take place with local residents and relevant stakeholders, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the consultation was undertaken online.

The artwork features traced outlines of the classic Jacaranda fern, the natural curved and wiggly lines of the gum trees, coupled with bold and fun colours. Large open sections of the collage are filled with coloured gestural marks, suggesting movement and fun. Hidden inside the collage are the words “Ryde Park”. Unnoticeable at first glance, but if frequented enough, the viewer will start to unravel and piece together the subtle words in the background. The detailed and busy nature of the mural will also hopefully deter any vandalism. This piece titled “Move & Shake” is comprised of colours found from the immediate area and hopes to exude a sense of fun and moving energy.

This project was completed through the 2019/20 Street Art project at a cost of approximately $14,000. 

Project Funding: City of Ryde
Project Artists: Elliott Routledge

Harry Anderson Pavilion Mural


Harry Anderson Pavilion Mural


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