Mural at Meadowbank Train Station

Meadowbank Mural

The Meadowbank Train Station mural was created as part of a graffiti management project funded by the NSW State Government. 

Council engaged Muralisto to work with the community to develop the design and install the artwork. Community consultation took place throughout November 2022 to develop themes and concepts for the artwork.

The installation was completed at the end of December 2022.

Concept & Design Development

This concept brings together elements of water and land in an art deco abstract design, where shapes and lines flow into one another creating a coalescing vibrant mandala. During the workshop session, gradients and archways were highlighted by participants as techniques that evoke a sense of movement and connection, as well as mirroring the shades of water and river ways.

Design Concept Ryde is an important place as it connects to the Parramatta River and Lane Cove River and provides drinking water to all of North Sydney. In a historical context, Ryde was also an important lifeline for ships that docked its shores and received community care, through food and supplies, colloquially known as ‘Charity Creek’. Reference was also made to native flora that also resides in NSW, including patterns from the core of the Firewood banksia and the Blue leschenaultia.

Building on the gradients and abstract symbolism Muralisto continued to work with circles and round edges as they symbolise equality and interconnection and hope that these artworks act as a daily reminder to connect with nature and community in meaningful ways.

In this design you can see the iconic Granny Smith apple and the snapper fish totem. Also included is the flannel flower ‘Talara’tingi’ in Dharawal language, the stars of sandstone country. At its centre are a multitude of tiny flowers, so while you look at a single flower, you are looking at hundreds of flowers. In the same way that one drop of water is all of life, and in one person are hundreds of stories.

For more information download the Mural Proposal by Muralisto(PDF, 1MB).

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