Mural at Ryedale Road West Ryde

lorikeet west ryde mural

Blackbook Ink painted the spectacular giant rainbow lorikeet mural on side of 59A Ryedale Road as part of City of Ryde’s Graffiti Management Project.

The process for selecting the eye-catching design was fully inclusive, with Council, the building owner, Blackbook Ink, and the community all involved.

After Blackbook Ink was awarded the tender, lead artist Brode Crompton conducted a site visit with both the Council and the building owner to discuss potential designs.

A call then went out to the community for its input and in response the artist came back with three different flora and fauna concepts.

The image of the lorikeet with a bokeh background was selected because it symbolises all the lorikeets found daily in Anzac Park.

It took the artist two weeks to complete the mural, which included applying an anti-graffiti coating to increase its longevity.

Council commissioned the mural as part of the NSW Government funded Graffiti Management Project, designed to beautify our City, instil a sense of community and belonging and to discourage graffiti.

Project Artist: Blackbook Ink
Completed: 2023


Ryedale Road, West Ryde 2114  View Map

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