Road Safety

Child Restraints

Child car safety starts with properly fitting appropriate child seats and ensuring they are used correctly. Car seats are required to be used from birth until your child is 145cm or taller.

Information about child seat laws and the simple 5 step test to check if your child is ready to travel without a car seat can be found at Transport NSW.

Correct fitting of a safe care seat is recommended to be completed by Authorised Restraint Fitting Stations. Fitting stations charge a fee based on labour costs and parts. Although costs can vary, most fees are within these ranges:

  • Inspect and adjust child restraint, $20-$30
  • Install or fit a child restraint, $35-$75

Find an Authorised Restraint Fitting Stations near you by visiting Service NSW.

The Child Car Seats website lets you quickly find and compare more than 200 types of forward facing, rear facing and booster seats.

Find additional information about Car Safety by visiting Department of Communities & Justice

Safe Travel 

Find information on pedestrian safety, passenger safety, safe play, driveway safety and transport safety by visiting Kids and Traffic, an early childhood road safety education program delivered in partnership by Transport NSW and Macquarie University. 

To help teach your child about important road safety concepts, find some songs and rhymes at Centre for Road Safety.

School Zones

40km/h school zones are in force on all days which are not a weekend, a public holiday or a publicly notified school holiday for government schools. Ignoring school zones carries heavy fines and demerit point loss. For more information and resources about school zones visit Centre for Road Safety

Find out more about Road Safety in Ryde by visiting Road and Pedestrian Safety.