Domestic Violence Prevention and Support

The White Knight Fund

Through generous financial contributions The White Knight Foundation supports the challenges that normal Australian families face as a result of this unprovoked violence. Due to a partnership in 2021, Royal Rehab now administers the granting process for the White Knight Funds. 

What the White Knight Fund as a part of the Royal Rehab Foundation will support:

  • People who have been a victim of crime and need further support
  • Families who are supporting a victim of crime 
  • Rehabilitation support for victims of crime
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Domestic violence can be perpetrated in various forms, including physical, sexual or verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation, stalking or threats of violence. It can happen to anyone - it doesn’t matter where you live, what your income is, how old you are, or what nationality you are.
Children can also be affected by witnessing domestic violence.

If you or someone you know needs help:

  • Call the Domestic Violence Crisis Line on 1800 65 64 63 (available 24 hours - freecall) or 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732
  • Call the Interpreter Service on 131 450 and ask them to connect you to 1800 65 64 63
  • Call or go to the nearest police station (available 24 hours)
  • When you call, you can ask for the Domestic Violence Liaison Officer
  • You can also tell them your language and ask them to call the interpreter service

Ryde Police Area Command:

  • Gladesville Police Station
    8 Victoria Road
    Gladesville NSW 2111
    Telephone: 9879 9699 
  • Ryde Police Station
    810 Victoria Road
    Ryde NSW 2112
    Telephone: 9808 7401
  • Eastwood Police Station
    3 Ethel Street
    Eastwood NSW 2122
    Telephone: 9858 9299

Important NSW numbers for help

  • NSW DV Line 24/7: 1800 656 463
  • Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services: 1800WDVCAS or 1800 938 227
  • Aboriginal DFV Hotline: 24/7 - 1800 019 123
  • NSW Rape Crisis: 1800 424 017
  • TIS - need an interpreter?:  131 450

Important national numbers for help

  • Emergency 24/7: 000
  • 1800 RESPECT 24/7: 1800 737 732
  • Kids Help Line 24/7: 1800 551 800
  • Sexual Assault Counselling Aust: 1800 211 028
  • Men's Line: 1300 789 978
  • Men's Referral Service 24/7: 1300 766 491
  • TIS - need an interpreter?: 131 450

Important online help for your safety

Ryde Hunters Hill Domestic Violence Committee

The Ryde Hunters Hill Domestic Violence Committee aims to address domestic violence issues in the City of Ryde and Hunters Hill.

The Committee does this by:

  • Facilitating a forum where all agencies providing services to women and children experiencing domestic violence can discuss issues of concern and enhance inter-agency responses to women and children who experience domestic violence
  • Facilitating networking of and between Government and non-Government agencies
  • Raising local community awareness of the issues of domestic violence.

Domestic Violence is a Crime Booklet

Council in partnership with the Ryde Domestic Violence Network, aims to help prevent domestic violence across our entire community.
The booklet explains what domestic violence is, what happens when police are called to an incident and the associated legal processes. It also lists support contact information.
The City of Ryde hopes that this resource will assist those affected by domestic violence and help make reporting easier.

Police NSW Resources

Domestic and Family Violence is a crime. 

It is well documented that domestic and family violence is a significantly under-reported crime and a complex crime for police to provide an effective response to. For many victims of domestic and family violence they do not want to end their relationships with their abusive partners, they just want the violence to stop.  Others require assistance from police and human services agencies to assist them in leaving their violent relationships.

Visit the Police NSW website for more information.

Additional Resources

Videos explaining What is domestic violence in English, Korean, Mandarin, Arabic, Armenian and Hindi.