For information regarding the 2024 round of grants please contact the participating clubs listed below.

ClubGRANTS is a community development grants program funded by local clubs. This scheme enables registered clubs, with an annual gaming machine revenue exceeding $1 million, to apply 1.85% of their gaming machine revenue to specific community development and support projects. The ClubGRANTS Scheme provides one-off, non-recurrent funding to non-government organisations and community groups for projects and programs which address demonstrated welfare needs of the local community.

Participating clubs in the Ryde area are:

Category 1 Grants can cover projects which support:

  • Community Welfare and Social Services
  • Community Development
  • Community Health Services
  • Employment Assistance activities

Each year a ClubGRANTS local committee is established to identify local priorities and needs for Category 1, and to make recommendations to local clubs. Applications must be submitted prior to the due date.

Category 2 Grants supports activities and projects not listed under Category 1 as well as expenditure allocated to a club's core activities. For example, sport, returned servicemen's league or veteran welfare, golf courses and bowling greens etc. This also includes wages paid to staff to carry out maintenance.

Category 3 funding, or Infrastructure Grants, is administered by the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling.

For enquiries regarding Category 1 and Category 2 Grants contact the local participating clubs. For category 3 funding contact NSW Office of Responsible Gambling.