Ready to Volunteer?

If you're ready to start giving back to the community below is some useful information that will help you learn more about volunteering and how to find a role that suits you.

How to Start

  1. Browse our list of local organisations that need volunteers

    Read through our diverse list of organisations that require volunteers to help with delivering their care and services to residents in Ryde and surrounding areas. These organisations would love to hear from you if you are able to offer some time. See the list.

  2. Attend an information session for potential volunteers
    Throughout the year, City of Ryde offers panel discussions and information sessions to help you better understand what volunteering entails and what type of roles are available. Find out if an upcoming session is available. Alternatively, the Centre for Volunteering also offers “A Bridge to Volunteering” information session.

  3. Sign up for the City of Ryde quarterly newsletter

    We distribute a quarterly eNews with volunteering information and news on what's happening in the local community.
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  4. More opportunities
    If you still haven’t found a volunteering opportunity that suits you, visit Seek Volunteer or NSW Volunteering for up-to-date listings of volunteer opportunities across NSW.

What to Expect

You've started contacting organisations about volunteering, now what happens next?

  • Attending a meeting/ interview
    Once you have found an organisation you would like to volunteer for, the volunteer coordinator will usually arrange to meet with you. This meeting is an opportunity for you to find out more about the volunteering position and the requirements of the role.
  • Completing paperwork
    Most volunteer positions require you to complete paperwork prior to commencing your role. This is often to ensure that you are aware of the responsibilities and rights in your volunteering role and to cover insurance or other legal requirements for you to commence the position.
  • Other pre-volunteering requirements
    Many organisations require you to complete checks such as Criminal Record Checks, Working with Children Checks or health checks prior to commencing your volunteering role. Whilst this may seem unusual for a volunteer role, these checks are required either for legal / insurance reasons or this may be a contractual obligation the organisation must fulfil to satisfy requirements set by government agencies that fund them. These checks are in place to protect volunteers as much as the organisation so you can be ensured that everyone else volunteering is also honest and suitable for their volunteering positions.
  • Induction and training
    When you are ready to commence volunteering you should receive inductions and training suitable to your role. This often includes a position description so you are aware of your volunteering responsibilities; a handbook or information about the organisation; work, health and safety training; and any other training relevant to your position. The volunteer coordinator will work with you to ensure that all orientation and training requirements are met.
  • Ongoing support
    As a volunteer you should be offered information about who to contact if there is an issue with your volunteering role and ongoing support relevant to your position. You may also be offered ongoing training as part of your position.
  • Thank you for your work
    Most organisations also provide volunteer recognition events or activities as they are aware of the extraordinary effort and impact of their volunteers.