Our Business Model

To support and enhance the wellbeing of its residents, the City of Ryde delivers a diverse range of products and services. Because of its considerable size and the broad range of activities it undertakes, it is a complex organisation to manage, and there are many things that we need to do to ensure we can deliver the Vision contained in our Community Strategic Plan:

The City of Ryde the place to be for lifestyle and opportunity @ your doorstep.

These include the way we:

  • Set a strategic direction for the next ten years that meets community aspirations, can be delivered within our financial capability and brings our partners on the journey with us 
  • Align our internal business disciplines and build and maintain the skills necessary to achieve this 
  • Develop our workplace culture to create a workforce that feels engaged, motivated and valued 
  • Demonstrate strong governance and leadership to bring it all together and manage our workplace improvements.

The relationship between these elements can often be confusing and threatening to staff and managers alike unless there is a clear model that demonstrates how these elements work together in harmony.

We have developed the City of Ryde Business Model to show how the critical elements of our business operations support each other to ensure that our vision will be realised over time.