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Council Meeting - 25 June 2019

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Agenda Minutes

Meeting details

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Agenda(PDF, 4MB)

Minutes(PDF, 344KB)

mayoral minutes

Notices of Motion 6 - 11(PDF, 463KB)

  • Notice of Motion 6 - Glyphosate Use in the City of Ryde - Councillor Penny Pedersen
  • Notice of Motion 7 - Naming of 1st Putney Scouts Hall in Honour of Alison Small - Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 8 - Additional Skate Park Options Within the City of Ryde - Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 9 - City of Ryde Library Toy Loan Procedure - Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 10 - Kissing Point Park Parramatta River Litter Minimisation - Councillor Roy Maggio
  • Notice of Motion 11 - Park Recreation Active and Passing Funding - Councillor Roy Maggio



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