City of Ryde Council meeting summary - 23 August 2022

Published on 29 August 2022

Council held its latest Ordinary meeting on 23 August 2022. The following is a summary of the outcomes from the meeting:

Recognising staff achievements

Council congratulated City of Ryde’s Manager People and Culture, Marnie Mitchell, on receiving the “Champion of Change – Metro category in the 2021 Ministers’ Award for Women in Local Government” provided by the NSW Office of Local Government.

Council also congratulated the Transport Planning Team on winning the Australian Institute of Traffic Planning and Management Excellence Award for City of Ryde’s Integrated Transport Strategy (ITS) 2041. The ITS establishes the vision, policy, directions, and strategies required to achieve a sustainable, safe, accessible and convenient transport system for the City of Ryde. Read more.

Personalised financial information for ratepayers

Council will provide personalised financial information about how ratepayers’ rates and annual charges are spent by the City of Ryde. This will be provided as an insert accompanying the October 2022 rates notice and will detail where Council spending will occur for rates and annual charges that are being collected. Council will also publish non-personalised financial information on its website. This provision of information regarding where Council spends rates will continue annually thereafter.

Helping to end ageism

Council voted to support the ‘EveryAGE Counts’ pledge and campaign to end ageism and help create a society where every person is valued, connected and respected, regardless of age. This is a national coalition seeking to tackle ageism in Australia.

The pledge states:

We stand for a world without ageism where all people of all ages are valued and respected and their contributions are acknowledged. We commit to speak out and take action to ensure older people can participate on equal terms with outs in all aspects of life.

Quarterly Review and Operational Plan endorsed

Council endorsed the June 2022 Quarterly Review report (Four Year Delivery Plan 2021 - 2025 and One Year 2021/22 Operational Plan) for quarter 4, April-June 2022.

By-election to be held for West Ward

Council noted the resignation of Clr Jerome Laxale and endorsed the by-election for West Ward, to be held on Saturday 15 October 2022 to fill this vacancy. Voting is compulsory for voters enrolled in the West Ward. Find out more.

Economic Development Strategy Update Report

Council noted the Economic Development Strategy Update Report (2021-2022), which highlights key projects and initiatives to support local businesses. Staff will conduct additional analysis on outcomes and deliverables of initiatives and projects related to the Strategy.

Planning Proposal extended for 22 Winbourne Street

Council voted to extend the community consultation period to 19 September for the Planning Proposal for 22 Winbourne Street, West Ryde. Council also requested that the NSW Department for Education conduct an onsite drop-in session as part of its community consultation program prior to the extended closing date.

Community grants endorsed

Council endorsed funding seven community groups under the Community Grants Program, Small Grants category for Round 2, 2022. Council staff will review and report on lifetime grants provided to community groups.

2035 net zero emission target for corporate emissions endorsed

Council adopted the proposed 2035 net zero emission target for corporate emissions, with the City of Ryde committing to net zero emissions by no later than 2035 or sooner if possible.

In an effort to deliver net zero sooner, the target and interim targets will be reviewed annually to take into account any future State and Federal incentives, policy changes and market movements.

Council will place the Net Zero Emissions Plan on public exhibition, with the finalised report to be presented to Council for final adoption.

Dog off-leash areas

Council endorsed the continued use of the dog swimming area in Memorial Park in Meadowbank on a permanent basis and will fully enclose the dog off-leash area in Olympic Park in Ryde.

Draft Property Policy endorsed

Council endorsed its draft Property Policy, which will be placed on public exhibition. This draft Property Policy creates a framework to improve property outcomes by Council by ensuring key decisions are not made in isolation. The Policy also prescribes an approach for Council to leverage and grow its property investment portfolio. This will provide an income stream to enhance, amongst other things, Council’s ability to deliver projects earlier and mitigate increasing service costs.

Ryde Traffic Committee recommendations endorsed

Council endorsed recommendations proposed by the Ryde Traffic Committee at its meeting held in July 2022, including:

  • A 10-metre-long section of 1P parking zone will be installed on the eastern side of Pearson Street, Gladesville, between the driveway access of 5-7 Pearson Street and the adjacent perpendicular parking bays.
  • A 6-metre-long section of 1P parking zone will be installed on the southern side of Bruce Street, Ryde, commencing 10 metres from the intersection of Goulding Road (old alignment).
  • An 18-metre-long section of bus zone will be installed from Monday to Friday, 6.00am-9.00am on the northern-most section of the indented parking area adjacent to North Ryde Oval on the western side of Pittwater Road to the immediate south of Cressy Road, North Ryde.
  • Parking control measures will be installed to reinforce existing controls under the NSW Road Rules 2014.

Live Music Strategy

Council will develop a Live Music Strategy for the City of Ryde. This will seek to manage the impacts of live music on residents and the community without compromising the viability of live music venues and facilitate opportunities for local musicians.

Hiring of apprentices and trainees

Council will report on existing strategies, practices or targets in place promoting the hiring of apprentices and trainees by Council.

It will also identify any state or federal incentives or grants the Council could apply for to offset the costs of hiring apprentices.

Hop, Skip and Jump permanently installed

Council will identify permanent stencil solutions to replace the temporary hop, skip and jump in Putney by the end of September 2022.

New Year’s Eve fireworks

Council will explore opportunities to host New Year’s Eve fireworks or activities within the City of Ryde. A report will identify suitable locations and the potential for collaboration with the NSW Government and other local government areas. It will also assess options for environmentally sustainable and non-explosive alternatives.

Commonwealth Games members’ morning tea

Council will host a morning tea for members of the Commonwealth Games residing in the City of Ryde. The Mayor will also invite Councillors, athletes and their families, along with relevant community members, to celebrate the achievements of individuals and team members from the community at a suitable date in the future.

Economic development study to look at Macquarie Park

Council will commission a comprehensive economic development study to measure the current and planned economic profile and impact of Macquarie Park to help guide decision-making and strategic investment.

It will re-establish regular contact points for businesses and interest groups operating within Macquarie Park and investigate opportunities to encourage more growth in the area. Council will also investigate infrastructure and liveability reform for both businesses and residents.

Protecting wildlife

City of Ryde does not use second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs), which can poison predators that naturally consume rodents that have eaten this bait, and will lobby the NSW Government to phase out community use of SGARs to protect local wildlife.

Multicultural disability round table

City of Ryde’s Inclusion and Access Working Group will provide feedback on the idea of hosting a multicultural disability advocacy round table, with a report to come back to Council.

Report to look into replacing turf with native shrubs on nature strips

Council will report on the replacement of fast-growing turf on nature strips with slow, low-growing native shrubs. It will focus on nature strips that are alongside Transport for NSW roads and where nature strips are not managed by adjoining properties like North Ryde Golf Club on Lane Cove Road, Transport for NSW road reserves and the stretch of Lane Cove Road between the Twin Road and Quarry Road intersections in North Ryde.

Women’s Health Week

Council will raise awareness of Women’s Health Week (5-11 September), which is dedicated to the health of women, girls and gender-diverse people.

Maximising indoor sporting facilities for local schools and clubs

Council will develop a strategy in partnership with local schools and clubs to maximise the use of and access to indoor sporting facilities to keep up with growing demand. The strategy will focus on badminton, volleyball, basketball and martial arts.

Two-hour parking zone review in North Ryde

Council will review two-hour parking zones in streets located with the Lane Cove, Kent and Epping Road boundaries in North Ryde to assess whether these restrictions are still required.

Click here(PDF, 338KB) for the minutes of the 23 August 2022 Ordinary Council meeting.

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