City of Ryde Council meeting summary - 26 July 2022

Published on 02 August 2022

Council held its latest Ordinary meeting on 26 July 2022. The following is a summary of the outcomes from the meeting:

Resignation of Clr Jerome Laxale

Council noted the resignation of Clr Jerome Laxale and thanked him for his contribution to the local area during his time as a Councillor and as Mayor. Clr Laxale was first elected to Council in September 2012 and has served as a Councillor since that date. He also served two terms as Mayor from September 2015 to September 2016 and from September 2017 to December 2021.

Review of LEP

Council has proposed conducting a comprehensive, city-wide community consultation on a review of the Ryde Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014, which sets the controls for planning in the City of Ryde. Council also voted to place a pause on any changes to the LEP related to increasing heights or additional density during the review period.

Recognising Indian independence

City of Ryde Mayor, Clr Jordan Lane, will write to the Consul General of India, Mr Manish Gupta in recognition of India’s 75th anniversary of Indian independence. Council will also host a flag-raising ceremony to mark India’s Independence Day.

Congratulations to Clr Daniel Han

Council congratulated Clr Daniel Han and his family on the birth of his daughter Yuri.

Resignation of Angela Jones-Blayney

Council noted the resignation of Angela Jones-Blayney (Director of Customer and Community Services) and thanked her for her outstanding service to the City of Ryde and our community.

2022 Local Government NSW Annual Conference

Council nominated Councillors Lane, Purcell, O’Reilly, Yedelian, Brown and Han to attend the 2022 Local Government NSW Annual Conference as voting delegates. City of Ryde will only cover the registration cost for nominated Councillors and staff to attend the conference and explore online attendance options.

Green Links Masterplan adopted

Council adopted the Green Links Masterplan, with the exclusion of works within Sydney Water-owned land between Quarry Road and Blaxland Road, Ryde. The Masterplan was prepared in response to the Greater Sydney Commission’s Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities (2018), North District Plan (2018), and the City of Ryde’s Local Strategic Planning Statement (2020). It aims to improve green transport connections within our City, as well as provide park, environmental and biodiversity improvements. Council will enter into detailed discussions with the respective land owners to formalise use of lands not owned by Council.

Ryde Biodiversity Plan 2016

Council acknowledges the works delivered to date within the Ryde Biodiversity Plan 2016 towards protecting and enhancing the natural areas in our City. A further report will be prepared for Council following the outcomes of the 2023/2024 review of the Biodiversity Plan 2016, to inform the new direction for Biodiversity Plan delivery and natural areas management.

Draft Sports Fields Action Plan to Be Exhibited

Council will place the draft Sports Fields Action Plan – Towards 2036 on public exhibition. This Plan aims to meet the 2036 population demand for full-size fields utilised for active recreation. It includes a range of infrastructure upgrades such as sports field lighting, sport field layout optimisations, securing community access to sports fields on school land, rezoning opportunities to create new fields and synthetic surfaces.

Alcohol Free Zones

Re-established Council re-established several Alcohol Free Zones, which were set to expire on 10 October 2022, in the following areas:

  • West Ryde Bus Interchange
  • Meadowbank, encompassing Bowden Street and Bay Drive, including Meadowbank Ferry Wharf
  • Eastwood Town Centre
  • Trim Place and Coulter Street (between Trim Place and Linsley Street), Gladesville
  • West Ryde Plaza, between Anthony Road and Market Street.

The Alcohol Free Zone in the Eastwood Town Centre will be temporarily suspended on the third Saturday of October each year between 9am and 8.30pm for the duration of the Granny Smith Festival. Alcohol Free Zones in Trim Place and Coulter Street, Gladesville, Eastwood Town Centre and West Ryde Plaza will also be temporarily suspended for Council-run events, as approved by the General Manager, following consultation with the Ryde Police Area Command.

Bicycle Strategy and Action Plan Endorsed

Council endorsed the Bicycle Strategy 2022-2030 and the Ryde Action Plan 2022-2030 and thanked all parties who participated in the development of these documents, including those who submitted feedback through the public exhibition. The purpose of the updated strategy and action plan is to provide a more modern framework and set of principles for the planning, design, improvement and management of Council’s network of pathways and trails. It also provides a framework for encouraging greater involvement of residents, community organisations and government in the development of walking, cycling and other pathway-related activities and opportunities.  

Ryde Traffic Committee Recommendations Endorsed

Council endorsed the recommendations of the Ryde Traffic Committee from the meeting held in June 2022.

Outstanding Council Reports Removed

Council endorsed the removal of outstanding reports as at 19 July 2022 that can no longer be progressed.

Honouring Pastor Robyn Peebles

Council held a minute’s silence to acknowledge the passing of Pastor Robyn Peebles, who contributed to the betterment of the City of Ryde community. Council will install a seat and plaque in her honour at Miriam Park, West Ryde.

Dog Off-Leash Area Changes

Council will analyse existing dog off-leash areas in the City of Ryde and identify new potential sites for a trial to expand the number of new sites in our City. A 12-month trial will be undertaken of a dog off-leash area at 55 Linton Avenue, Charity Creek Cascades. Council will also undertake a consultation process and prepare a report on the relocation of Pidding Park’s dog off-leash area to the southern corner of the park between the sports field and the existing natural area.

Sagar Place and Heatley Reserve Safety Improvements

Council will consult with local businesses and residents surrounding Sagar Place and Heatley Reserve, East Ryde on the installation of additional lighting and possibly CCTV for safety reasons.

2022 FIFA World Cup Live Site/s

Council will prepare a report on the feasibility of establishing live site/s in Ryde for the 2022 FIFA World Cup and possible locations to host this. A further report will be prepared for Council to consider a live site/s for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Winter Sport Fee Reimbursement for Sporting Clubs

Council will prepare a report to calculate the training and playing time lost to poor weather in the 2022 winter season and will look at returning losses in dollar value or provide credits for the next season.

North Ryde Traffic Study

Council will undertake a traffic study, including a community consultation, in the precinct surrounded by Kent, Epping and Lane Cove roads in North Ryde.

West Ryde Issues to be Discussed

The Mayor will organise a meeting of key West Ryde community groups to discuss issues such as car parking and civil works in the suburb's business district.

Accessibility Improvements for Ryde

Council will construct a footpath along Bidgee Road, between Bidgee Park and Gardener Avenue, Ryde to improve accessibility. Council will also install a ramp on Arthur Street, Ryde to improve accessibility for wheelchair users from Arthur Street to Lane Cove Road. A pram ramp will also be installed next to the new steps on Arthur Street. In addition, Council will investigate the feasibility of relocating two disabled parking spots at Midway shops, Ryde to the top end of the Quarry Road car park.

Net Zero Pathways Commitment

Council will consider no new gas in City of Ryde Council buildings as part of a Net Zero Pathways workshop, with a further report to be presented to Council.

Keeping Cats Safe at Home

Council will explore the feasibility of joining the RSCPA’s Keeping Cats Safe at Home program or developing a similar campaign with the feedback of relevant organisations and the community. Next meeting The next Ordinary Council meeting is scheduled to take place on 23 August 2022. Click here for the minutes of the 26 July 2022 Ordinary Council meeting.

Next meeting

The next Ordinary Council meeting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 23 August 2022.

Click here for the minutes of the 26 July 2022 Ordinary Council meeting.

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