Council Meeting summary – 23 April 2024

Published on 26 April 2024


Council held a meeting on Tuesday 23 April. The following is a summary of outcomes from the meeting:

Condolences and Acknowledgements

The Mayor, on behalf of all of the Councillors and staff at the City of Ryde, extended condolences to all involved in the Bondi Westfield Shopping Centre attack on Saturday 13 April 2024. A one-minute silence was observed by the meeting.

Matter of Urgency – safer foot traffic for Meadowbank Education and Employment Precinct

Council will investigate the installation of temporary measures to improve pedestrian safety in the shared zone area on the eastern side of Meadowbank Train Station and will further investigate permanent solutions, including painted road surface markings to guide pedestrians, the feasibility of a clear physical divide between vehicle and pedestrian areas, and consideration of an alternative pedestrian route. Council will also coordinate with Transport for NSW to establish a school crossing with appropriate signage around See Street.

Mayoral Minute – waste tendering amendments

Council will write to the Minister for Industrial Relations (NSW), Minister for Local Government (NSW), and local Member of Parliament (NSW) expressing serious concerns about recent amendments to the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021 made by the Local Government (General) Amendment (Tendering) Regulation (No 2) 2023 (NSW) on 15 December 2023. It calls on the NSW Government to reconsider the amendments as a matter of urgency and to engage in proper consultation with all relevant stakeholders on an appropriate way forward.

Mayoral Minute – TG Millner Field

The Mayor will write to the NSW premier, the Hon Chris Minns MP outlining Council’s disappointment around the NSW Government’s decision not to grant the proposed acquisition notice (PAN) for Council to proceed with the compulsory acquisition of TH Millner. Council also expressed concern that the content of the decision was leaked to the media before it had received, and had an opportunity to review, the contents of the letter. It further noted that consultations between Council and the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (DPHI) had indicated there would be a positive outcome. The Mayor will also write to the Federal Member for Bennelong, Jerome Laxale MP and NSW State Member for Ryde Jordan Lane MP seeking their commitments to preserve TG Millner as open space. Council will seek assistance from the DPHI to prepare a bespoke SEPP for TG Millner that guarantees the retention of public open space on the site.

Mayoral Minute – Terms of Reference, Mayor’s Public Forum

Council endorsed the Terms of Reference for the Mayor’s Public Forum as presented in the Mayoral Minute.

Mayoral Minute – passing of Dr Koo-Guan Choo

Council observed a one-minute silence and noted the passing of Dr Koo-Guan Choo and his contributions to the local community.

Mayoral Minute – North Ryde eFun Run for Youth Mental Health

Council endorsed the promotion of this annual event on the Council website and via Council’s usual communication channels.

Draft 2022-26 Four Year Delivery Program

Council, in accordance with legislative requirements, resolved to place the Draft 2022-2026 Four Year Delivery Program, Draft 2024-2034 Ten Year Long Term Financial Plan, Draft 2024-2025 One Year Operational Plan and Draft 2024-2025 Fees and Charges on public exhibition for the period 26 April 2024 to 26 May 2024 (inclusive). Council further resolved to adopt all of the recommendations contained in the report.

National General Assembly of Local Government

Council resolved not to attend this event, being held in Canberra from 2-4 July 2024.

Councillor Discretionary Funds Policy

Council endorsed the draft Councillor Discretionary Funds Policy to be placed on public exhibition for 28 days and allow submissions to be received. At the conclusion of the public exhibition period, should no submissions be received the Councillor Discretionary Funds Policy will be adopted by Council. Should any submissions be received during the public exhibition period, a further report will be presented to Council detailing the submissions.

Planning proposal at 2 Thistle Street, Ryde

Council endorsed the planning proposal to rezone 2 Thistle Street, Ryde, from SP2 Infrastructure (Educational Establishment) to RE1 Public Recreation, including a Schedule 1 Additional Permitted Use on Lot 1 DP437180 for a “centre-based childcare facility”. Council endorsed an amendment to the exhibited Planning Proposal capping childcare enrolments to a maximum of 60 children. Council noted that the demolition of the school hall is being dealt with as a separate Development Application (DA) matter and expressed disappointment that despite community consultation favouring the retention and refurbishment of the hall for indoor sports, the proposal for its demolition is still being pursued.

Expanding Council’s inclusive swimming program

Council extended its appreciation and thanked staff for their contribution to the Puggles Swim Program and will invite the Mayor, Councillors, and senior staff to the launch.

Tennis centres – required resolution for ministerial consent

Council adopted this recommendation to formally authorise seeking the consent of the Minister for Local Government as required under Section 47 of the Local Government Act, 1993.

Traffic and parking matters

Council accepted the following recommendations on traffic, transport and/or parking improvements deliberated by the Ryde Local Traffic Committee at its meeting on 21 March 2024:

  • Smith Street and Isabel Street, Ryde: install 1.5m wide painted islands within existing 10m statutory “NO STOPPING” zone on Smith Street; a “GIVE WAY” hold line and associated signage on Isabel Street aligned with the proposed painted islands on Smith Street, Ryde; a 7m long double centre (BB) line on Isabel Street near its intersection with Smith Street; and a 10m long double centre (BB) line on Smith Street at its intersection with Isabel Street.
  • Gordon Crescent, Denistone: consideration will be given to replacing the existing “GIVE WAY” traffic control with “STOP” traffic control on Gordon Crescent at its intersection with West Parade, Denistone.
  • Richard Johnson Crescent, Ryde: Consideration will be given to installing a 16m long “NO PARKING” zone on the southern side of Richard Johnson Crescent across the driveways servicing property nos. 12, 14 and 16 Richard Johnson Crescent, Ryde.
  • Hillview Lane, Eastwood: consideration will be given to converting a 5m long “LOADING ZONE” to a “NO STOPPING” zone on the southern side of Hillview Lane across the driveway of the property servicing no. 173 Rowe Street, Eastwood.
  • Agincourt Road, Marsfield: consideration will be given to replacing an 18m long full time “NO STOPPING” zone with a “BUS ZONE 8AM-9.30AM & 2.30PM-4PM SCHOOL DAYS ONLY” and “NO STOPPING AT OTHER TIMES” on the western side of Agincourt Road adjacent to St. Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, Marsfield.
  • Gerard Lane, Gladesville: An 18m long unrestricted parking zone will be replaced with “NO PARKING” zone on the southern side; an 18m long “NO STOPPING” zone be replaced with “1P PARKING” restriction on the southern side.
  • Stratford Avenue, Denistone: consideration will be given to installing 1.2m wide painted islands within existing 10m statutory “NO STOPPING” zone on Stratford Avenue; installing a “GIVE WAY” hold line and associated signage be installed on Stratford Avenue aligned with the proposed painted islands on Ryedale Road; and installing a 7m long double centre (BB) line on Stratford Avenue at the intersection with Ryedale Road.

Precis of correspondence – TG Millner

Council noted the receipt of a letter from Department of Planning dated 11 March 2024 relating to the proposed acquisition TG Millner Field.

Accessible Parking Assessment

Council resolved to undertake community consultation to extend the 2P zone across 14 Farm Street, Gladesville and noted that people with a valid mobility parking permit are exempt from the 2P parking restrictions.

Implementation of a Ranger Hotline

Council will investigate the implementation of a Ranger Hotline that will include the promotion of the hotline and City of Ryde Customer Service details included on the back of Council rate notices. The Ranger Hotline will be made public via Council’s media channels and a report will be provided back to the June 2024 Council Meeting detailing the findings of the investigation, appropriate funding source and plan for implementation. A review will also be undertaken of the existing Customer Service Hotline data, including the amount of Ranger activity required out of hours.

Installation of water stations

Council staff will liaise with relevant user groups to investigate the opportunity for the installation of bubblers at:

  • Christie Park
  • North Ryde Park
  • Monash Park
  • Meadowbank Park (on the western side of field 13)
  • ELS hall, field 3 on Kent Road (near the YMCA)

These works will be considered in the 2024/25 financial year with the results of the investigation to be tabled at the June 2024 Council Meeting.

Ryde Civic Centre

Council will develop a Communications Plan to explain the circumstances of the Ryde Civic Centre to the community and specifically why there is a 'hole in the ground', the referral to the Office of Local Government, the referral to the NSW ICAC; and the full 'Project Toronto' timelines so that our community understand the financial ramifications that come from decisions made between 2018 and 2021 about the Ryde Civic Centre site. The plan will outline the financial ramifications to Council of the Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPA's) entered into by the previous Council and the ongoing impact on our long-term financial plan. It will also include the number of institutions/agencies that have agreed and supported Council’s decision to return funds that were ‘illegally’ transferred from External Reserve accounts to the Ryde Central account.

* A rescission motion against this resolution was tabled at the end of the meeting and defeated.

Traffic and parking issues at Malvina Street, Ryde

City of Ryde will consult with residents of Malvina Street, Ryde regarding traffic and parking difficulties. A report will be prepared, and recommendations be made that explores:

  • Limitations on vehicular access to properties
  • Limitations on vehicles passing in both directions
  • Cars frequently parking too close to the driveways and wide of the kerb
  • Consideration of parking for multiple dwelling developments
  • No parking on one side of Malvina North from Forrest Road, as has been done in Adelphi Road
  • Delineation lines, as in Kent Road where the Public School is situated.

Council will also investigate the need for a pedestrian crossing and identify a suitable location for school children and staff around Ryde Secondary College.

Tree removal and maintenance

Council will prepare a report (if such data exists) on the number of native trees owned and managed by the City of Ryde since the last term of Council that have died since being planted, have been damaged and fallen in storms, have been vandalised or poisoned, have been removed (and the reasons for removal). The report will also include the number of trees that have been replaced and the watering regime for new plantings.

Blenheim Road shops

City of Ryde will consult with the businesses at Blenheim Road shops to discuss the removal of graffiti and helping to co-ordinate a mural or commissioned street art in the graffiti hotspot, information from the live music office and 24-hour commission on their evening activation toolkit, and assistance to the business owners who wish to provide outdoor dining.

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