Council Meeting summary – 26 March 2024

Published on 28 March 2024


Council held a meeting on Tuesday 26 March. The following is a summary of outcomes from the meeting:

Mayoral Minute – Mayor’s Public Forum

Council resolved to introduce a monthly Mayor’s Public Forum with the Mayor and senior Council staff. The first forum will be held in Council Chambers in April, commencing at 6.00pm, and then progressively held in community facilities across each ward so that ease of access is considered for residents. The forums will be publicised via Council’s usual communication channels.

Adoption of 2022/23 Financial Statements

In accordance with Section 419 (1) of the Local Government Act 1993, Council received and noted the Auditor’s Reports on the 2022/23 Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2023.

West Ryde-Meadowbank Renewal Strategy

The proposed Action Plan contained within the report will be utilised to guide a final West Ryde-Meadowbank Renewal Strategy and is to be workshopped with Councillors prior to being reported to the June 2024 Council meeting for consideration. Council further resolved that a targeted consultation occur with Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club, landowners, Sydney Water, and appropriate Council personnel to further inform the final report.

National General Assembly of Local Government

Council will consider any recommended Motions received from Councillors to be submitted to the National General Assembly 2024 for inclusion in the business papers for the conference, being held from 2-4 July 2024.

Public Interest Disclosure Policy

Council will adopt an updated Public Interest Disclosure Policy and provide interested Councillors with a workshop explaining the changes.

Councillor Discretionary Funds Policy

Consideration of this item will be deferred until after discussion at the Councillor planning weekend on 6-7 April 2024.

23 Halifax Street, Lachlan’s Line – Rectification Order

Council resolved that a priority CIB will be issued in an instance where any further Building Work Rectification Order is issued that would require evacuation of residents and/or Council assets. That details of any building works rectification order will also be included on Council’s web site.

Reclassification of land at 4 Pittwater Road, Gladesville

Council will support the Planning Proposal to reclassify land at 4 Pittwater Road, Gladesville, being Lot 1 DP 816692, from Community to Operational land and submit the Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure for Gateway Determination under s3.34 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. The Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure will be advised that Council wishes to be delegated as the Local Plan-Making Authority. Following public exhibition, the Planning Proposal and any submissions received will be reported back to Council to finalise the proposal.

Increasing access to EV charging in Ryde

Council will continue engagement with providers towards seeking opportunities for increasing EV public charging infrastructure and will continue support for multiunit dwelling residents’ installation.

Sponsorship of 2024 Northern District Business Awards

Council will decline a request for sponsorship of the Northern Districts Local Business Awards for 2024, noting the progress on the development of a business case for a City of Ryde Business Awards that will be workshopped with Councillors by the end of April 2024.

Bike repair stations 

Council resolved to install a bike repair station close to existing cycle routes at or near Meadowbank Park, Shrimptons Creek and Kissing Point Park. The works will be funded from Council’s 2023/24 Minor works for Cycleways budget.

Traffic and parking matters

Council will undertake the following recommendations from the Ryde Local Traffic Committee meeting on 22 February 2024:

  • Thorn Street, Ryde: A 12m long “NO PARKING” zone will be installed on the northern side of Thorn Street across the driveways servicing property nos. 13 and 15 Thorn Street, Ryde. 


  • Constitution Road, Ryde: A ‘NO PARKING 5AM-11AM MONDAY WASTE VEHICLES EXCEPTED’ zone will be installed at the eastern terminating end of the existing service road at the north-eastern corner of the intersection of Constitution Road and Bowden Street, Ryde.


  • Culloden Road, Talavera Road, Waterloo Road, Vimiera Road, Marsfield and Macquarie Park: Speed humps will be installed (subject to availability of funds) at the intersections of Culloden Road and Talavera Road, Marsfield, and Macquarie Park; Culloden Road and Waterloo Road, Marsfield, and Macquarie Park; Vimiera Road and Waterloo Road, Marsfield, and Macquarie Park.


  • Simpson Street and Regent Street, Putney: There will be no traffic signage changes to the intersection of Regent Street/ Simpson Street/ Beacon Avenue, Putney, and no infrastructure changes to Simpson Street, Putney. The existing ‘NO STOPPING’ restriction will be further formalised by associated signage at the intersection of Simpson Street/ Regent Street and Beacon Avenue, Putney. The existing ‘GIVE WAY’ control sign will be further formalised by associated line marking at the intersection of Regent Street and Beacon Avenue, Putney.


  • Quarry Road, Ryde: Speed humps will be installed (subject to availability of funds) at Quarry Road and Olive Street, Ryde; Quarry Road and Heath Street, Ryde; Quarry Road and Smalls Road, Ryde; Quarry Road and Aeolus Avenue, Ryde; and Quarry Road and Badajoz Road, Ryde.

Precis of correspondence

The following correspondence was received and noted: A letter from the Minister for Better Regulation and Fair Trading regarding stronger building reform; a letter from the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, dated 15 March 2024, regarding cuts to spending on infrastructure.

Christie Park Lighting

Council will investigate the feasibility of installing sustainable low lighting within Christie Park’s car park. It will further consult with biodiversity experts on the impact of light on the National Park’s nocturnal animals, including the threatened Powerful Owl species. A report will be presented back to Council on the findings of the investigation.

Traffic study into the Fontenoy Road precinct

Staff will report back to Council at the 23 April 2024 Ordinary Meeting on the brief and the funding source for a traffic study on the Waterloo, Talavera, Khartoum and Fontenoy Roads precinct.

Pedestrian safety on See Street, Meadowbank

Council noted the dangerous traffic conditions for pedestrians along See Street and re-committed to the installation of a raised pedestrian crossing between Angas Street and Stone Street. It acknowledged that the Get NSW Active Grant only became available to Council in November 2023 and will write to NSW Minister for Roads John Graham seeking determination of the grant program application as a matter of priority. An interim report will be brought back to the next Council meeting for funding of a traffic controller during morning and afternoon school hours.  Should Council be unsuccessful with the NSW grant, a report will be brought to Council on funding options from relevant Council funding sources. 

Housing in the City of Ryde

Council noted the high amount of housing supply that the City of Ryde has already delivered within Macquarie Park and other locations in addition to the pervasive lack of infrastructure such as schools, green space, and commuting uplift committed to by the State Government. Council resolved to work collaboratively with the Minns' Labor Government to achieve the best housing outcomes for Ryde.

Job sites for people with disability

Council will explore the range of disability employment service providers, including platforms like The Field, and bring back a detailed report. It will encourage local business through social media, on the City of Ryde website and at future economic development events to explore the platforms.

Share kayak scheme

Council staff will prepare a report, based on the service at Burns Bay Reserve, that explores how Council can facilitate the provision of a share kayak service, including costs to Council, required infrastructure, compliance, and identification of most suited sites across the LGA - not excluding Meadowbank, Melrose Park, Putney on Parramatta River and Magdala Park North Ryde on Lane Cove River.

To view the minutes of the meeting, click here


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