Council Meeting summary – 28 May 2024

Published on 31 May 2024

Council Meeting

Council held a meeting on Tuesday 28 May. The following is a summary of outcomes from the meeting:

Matter of urgency – Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal

Council will make a one-off donation of $2,500 to the 2024 to Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal to be funded from the Governance donation budget. A photo shoot will be arranged at a Charity Golf Day being held on 31 May to promote Council’s support of the Red Shield Appeal and released through Council’s media channels.

Mayoral Minute – Volunteer Recognition Awards

Council congratulated the 2024 Volunteer of the Year winners and all the nominees and acknowledged that their volunteering significantly contributes to bringing people together and creating an inclusive City. A Volunteer with Disability category will be introduced for the 2025 Volunteer Recognition Awards to recognise the contribution that volunteers with disability make to the community.

Mayoral Minute – Armenian Genocide recognition

Council reaffirmed its commitment to condemn the Genocide of the Armenians and all other acts of Genocide committed as the ultimate act of racial, religious, and cultural intolerance. It will continue to support the Armenian community of Ryde in honouring the memory of the 1.5 million men, women and children who died in the first Genocide of the 20th Century. And it called on the Prime Minister of Australia to join US President Joe Biden and other world leaders in accurately characterising the massacres committed against Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks as Genocide.

Mayoral Minute – advocacy for Innovation SEPP

The Mayor will write to the Mayors of other Sydney metropolitan councils as well as City of Newcastle, City of Wollongong and Central Coast Councils to collaborate with Ryde for the formulation and advocacy of an Innovation State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) that can be applied to numerous innovation precincts within those local government areas. Following that collaboration, the Mayor will write to NSW Premier The Hon. Chris Minns MP, and the NSW Planning Minister The Hon. Paul Scully MP seeking a meeting and collaboration between the NSW Government and interested councils to refine and implement this Innovation SEPP.

Mayoral Minute – dog off leash trials

Council will extend the conditions of the off leash trials at Fontenoy Park, Brereton Park, and Warrawong Reserve until a Council report with the recommendation from the community feedback is submitted.

Mayoral Minute – Blenheim Park

Council will write to Federal Infrastructure Minister Catherine King expressing Council’s disappointment that its official spokesperson was not included in the recent media announcement in relation to confirmation of the $8 million grant funding for upgrade works in Blenheim Park under the Federal Government’s Priority Community Infrastructure Program. Council will also write to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet seeking confirmation that the Federal member for Bennelong met the relevant Ministerial Standards associated with making announcements associated with Federal Government grants.

Mayoral Minute – Chief Financial Officer resignation

Council recognised and thanked former CFO Aneesh Zahra for her contributions to the City of Ryde.

Local Government Renumeration Tribunal

Council declined the option to increase Councillor and Mayoral fees.

Report on Councillor expenses

Council received and noted the report and Attachment 1 regarding Councillor expenses and facilities for the period 1 July 2023 to 31 December 2023.

City of Ryde Community Grants

Thirty grant applications were endorsed in the Round 1 2024 program with the total amount of funding being $180,167. There are sufficient funds in the Community Grants Program budget to support these projects. A workshop with Councillors will be held to discuss the grant program prior to the next round of grants.

City of Ryde Economic Development Strategy and Night-Time Economy Strategy

Council approved the draft Economic Development Strategy and draft Night-Time Economy Strategy being placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days, commencing 29 May 2024.

Extended hours of operation in Ryde libraries during extreme temperatures

Council will continue its trial of extended hours during days of extreme temperatures at 36 degrees and over on days that West Ryde and Eastwood Libraries are ordinarily open to 31 March 2025, closing at 9pm. The CEO may authorise these extended hours on days of extreme temperature up to the budget limit of $10,000.00. The results of the trial will be reported back to Council in June 2025.

24/7 library service

An extended hours/afterhours library service model will be considered as part of the development of the new City of Ryde Halls and Facilities Strategy and new City of Ryde Libraries Strategy being developed in 2025.

City of Ryde waste info app

Council will continue to use and promote existing information services available via the Council webpages and the RecycleSmart waste app. Council will not fund a new, customised Waste Info App at this time and will review the requirement for an additional Waste Info App after the Recycle Smart trial is completed in December 2024.

Waste education campaign

Council will develop a waste education campaign that targets major contaminants as identified in the domestic bin audit. Community and Councillor consultation will be undertaken to gain insight into the experiences and perspectives of residents in the City of Ryde to optimise the effectiveness of the campaign. It will be timed to coincide with the commencement of the new waste collection contract and will be funded from the annual waste education budget.

Draft Media and Social Media Policies for Councillors

Council approved the Draft Media Policy and Social Media Policy for exhibition for 28 days from 30 May 2024. If there is no substantive public comment requiring amendment, the policies will be adopted, and Councillors advised through CIB.

Local Infrastructure Strategy

Council approved the draft Local Infrastructure Strategy being placed on public exhibition for a period of 28 days, commencing 30 May 2024.

Fontenoy Road Precinct Traffic Studye

Subject to a final court decision on legal proceedings relating to alterations and additions to the existing garden centre and function centre and the construction of an office building and restaurant at Eden Gardens, a traffic study will be initiated for the Talavera, Khartoum and Fontenoy Roads precinct. The Study is to include relevant community consultation. Staff will report back to Council on the outcomes of the Traffic Study and associated community consultation following the completion of this assessment. The Traffic Study will be funded out of Council’s Macquarie Park Special Levy.

Interim pedestrian safety improvements on See Street, Meadowbank

Council noted that the use of traffic controllers during morning and afternoon school zone times on See Street, Meadowbank is a cost prohibitive measure with marginal safety benefits that should not be pursued. Council will install a temporary at-grade pedestrian crossing on See Street between Stone and Angas Streets until the permanent raised pedestrian crossing can be delivered. Funds in the 2023/24 Road Safety Upgrades and Improvement project budget will be used to install the temporary at-grade pedestrian crossing.

Traffic and Parking matters

The following recommendations on traffic, transport and/or parking improvements deliberated by the Ryde Local Traffic Committee at its meeting on 24 April 2024 will be considered:

  • Parkes Street, West Ryde: An at-grade pedestrian crossing to be installed on Parkes Street, west of the roundabout at its intersection with Bowden Street, West Ryde (subject to availability of funds) in accordance with Transport for NSW Technical Directions.
  • Belmore Street, Ryde: The existing refuge island to be converted to an at-grade pedestrian crossing on Belmore Street, south of its roundabout intersection with Rothesay Avenue, Ryde, in accordance with Transport for NSW Technical Directions.
  • Donovan Street, Eastwood: A “STOP” traffic control to be installed on Donovan Street at its intersection with North Road, Eastwood. 10m long statutory “NO STOPPING” restrictions to be installed at the intersection of Donovan Street and North Road, Eastwood.
  • Read Street, East Ryde: 10 metre long “NO STOPPING” zones to be installed outside property nos. 5, 8 and 10 Read Street, Eastwood.
  • Wolger Road, Ryde: “NO PARKING” zones to be installed across driveways servicing 30 and 32 Wolger Road, 36 and 38 Wolger Road, 26 Kulgoa Avenue and 43 Wolger Road, 28 Kulgoa Avenue and 28 Wolger Road, 47C Wolger Road (Adventure Park) and 45 Wolger Road. “NO STOPPING” signs to be installed to formalise both sides of Wolger Road, between Kulgoa Avenue and Lane Cove Road, Ryde. Dividing barrier (BB) centre line to be realigned within Wolger Road between Kuppa Road and Lane Cove Road, Ryde to enable parking to be accommodated on the southern side of Wolger Road.
  • Cottonwood Crescent, Macquarie Park: A pedestrian refuge to be installed (subject to availability of funds) on Cottonwood Crescent at the intersection of Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park, in accordance with the TfNSW technical directions.
  • Buna Street, Ryde: An 18m long “NO STOPPING” zone to be installed on the south-western side at the property frontage of 1 Buna Street, Ryde; and a 10m long “NO STOPPING” zone be installed on the north-eastern side, across the Gannan Park driveway on Buna Street, Ryde.
  • Stansell Street, Gladesville: A refuge with associated signage, suitable for pedestrians and cyclists, to be installed on Stansell Street at the intersection of Victoria Road. Two “NO STOPPING” signs along the site frontage with Stansell Street to be installed, facilitating the turning vehicles from Stansell Street onto Victoria Road.
  • Brendon Street, North Ryde: A 10.5m long “NO STOPPING” zone to be installed across the driveways servicing property numbers 13 and 15 Brendon Street, North Ryde.
  • Woorang Street, Marsfield: 1.5m wide islands to be installed within existing 10m statutory “NO STOPPING” zone on Abuklea Road, Marsfield. A “GIVE WAY” hold line and associated signage to be installed on Woorang Street aligned with the proposed islands on Abuklea Road, Marsfield. A 7m long double centre (BB) line to be installed on Woorang Street near its intersection with Abuklea Road, Marsfield.
  • Tyagarah Street, Ryde: A “NO PARKING” zone to be installed on the northern side of Tyagarah Street at the property frontage of 3 Tyagarah Street and 1 Cross Street. A “NO STOPPING” zone to be installed on the southern side of Tyagarah Street at the frontage of Mallee Reserve, Ryde.

Precis of correspondence

Correspondence from the Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, the Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister, and the Hon. Jo Haylen MP, Minister for Transport, was received and noted.

Closure of sportsgrounds due to wet weather

Council resolved that the City of Ryde has no ability to ensure that any refunds for wet weather disruptions are passed on to users paying for the fields once distributed to associations. Therefore, Council would not be benefiting the end user in either ground upgrades or cheaper fees.

Safety and efficiency of traffic flow on Cox’s Road, North Ryde

Council will refer the following traffic and parking changes to the June 2024 Ryde Local Traffic Committee meeting: Install “NO STOPPING” signs and line marking along both sides of Coxs Road between Cressy Road and Conrad Street, North Ryde to deter illegal parking within this section of Coxs Road. Install a painted central median on Coxs Road between Cressy Road and Conrad Street, North Ryde to provide separation between opposing traffic flow and to deter speeding within this section of Coxs Road.

Armenian Republic Day

Council resolved to recognise 28 May every year as Armenian Republic Day; a day which marks the anniversary of the establishment of the First Armenian Republic in 1918. It condemned the ongoing military threats against the modern Republic of Armenia’s sovereign borders by Azerbaijan and its continued occupation of over 200 square kilometres of sovereign Armenian territory. It will also continue to recognise the rights to self-determination of the Armenian people of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and calls for the safe return of its indigenous Armenian inhabitants to their homeland under internationally guaranteed rights and security. It will conduct a formal flag-raising ceremony at Kissing Point Park, Putney to stand in solidarity with the Armenians of Ryde in marking Armenian Republic Day, at a suitable date in 2024 and on 28 May from 2025.

Promotion of Domestic and Family Violence helpline information

Council committed itself to reducing domestic violence within the City of Ryde through actionable avenues that raise awareness and help those victims of DV access resources as needed. It will advertise in suitable locations such as washrooms, libraries, and other venues where DV victims can access information for assistance.

Parking, speeding and safety on Cox’s Road, North Ryde

Council will request Transport for NSW to investigate reducing the current speed limit on Cox's Road between Wicks Road and Badajoz Road from 50km/h to 40km/h to deter speeding within this section of Cox's Road. It will approach the owners of Blenheim Lane to consider appropriate changes within the laneway to reduce unauthorised/improper use of the laneway. Staff will review the driveway and parking arrangements in the immediate vicinity of the car park opposite North Ryde Library. Consideration is to be given to appropriate measures to improve sight line for drivers exiting from the Council car park onto Cox’s Road. Illegal parking, difficulty passing oncoming traffic and poor visibility of oncoming traffic on Cox's Road between Conrad Street and Cressy Road will be addressed. Council will further consult with residents in Blamey Street to gauge support for additional no parking on Blamey Street close to the Cox's Road intersection.

Parking and safety in Jeanette Street, East Ryde

Council will consider introducing “NO STOPPING” restrictions along Jeanette Street between Cox's Road and 3 Jeanette Street, East Ryde to improve traffic safety within Jeanette Street and safety for vehicles turning at its intersection with Cox's Road. It will further undertake community consultation with affected residents on the proposed parking change. Should there be majority support or no objections to the proposal, the matter will be referred to Local Ryde Traffic Committee and subsequent Council meeting for formal approval, prior to the works being undertaken.

Footpath on Olive Street, Ryde

Council will review the current Operational Plan and revisit planned activities for the construction of footpaths to bring forward the construction of the Olive Street footpath within the 2024/25 financial year by reallocating funding within the Paths and Cycleways budget.

Eastwood Public School drop off and pick up

The City of Ryde’s Traffic Committee will assess the current situation with the Kiss and Ride zone opposite Eastwood Public School and how it can be brought to the school side of Rowe Street. The Committee will also seek other ways of Saving parents from being fined while they make sure their children are safely on the other side of Rowe Street. A preliminary response will be reported to Council at the August Council Meeting.

Support for freedom of access to information in NSW Libraries

Council acknowledged the rich diversity of our community and reaffirmed its commitment to meeting the needs of all our community members.

Revision of the young people’s page on Council’s website

Council will revise and update in addition to the current the City of Ryde Young People webpage to actively promote the Council's diverse range of annual events for young people by enhancing visibility with engaging thumbnails from past events and expand outreach through social media platforms. It will collaborate and liaise with Ryde Youth Council, local schools and community organisations to find the needs and interests of young people in Ryde and establish appropriate channels to promote events and programs.  It will also Investigate opportunities to partner with Youth Not-For-Profit service providers to identify volunteer opportunities and opportunities that promote entrepreneurship and academic excellence, ranging from but not limited to; start up pitch workshops to science fairs and debate tournaments, designed to challenge and reward young talent and innovation. A report will be brought back to Council by the November 2024 Council meeting.

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