Council meeting summary - 22 November 2022

Published on 30 November 2022

Council held its latest Ordinary meeting on 22 November 2022. The following is a summary of the outcomes from the meeting:

Congratulating Gladesville Ravens

Council presented a plaque and certificates to the Gladesville Ravens women’s football team, who were recently crowned 2022 Football NSW League One Women’s Club Champions and FG Premiers.

New Councillor for West Ward

Justin Li was sworn in as a City of Ryde Councillor. Clr Li was elected at the recent West Ward By-Election held on 15 October 2022.

Plans for 22 Winbourne Street, West Ryde to be submitted

Council will submit a planning proposal to the NSW Department of Planning seeking to rezone the land at 22 Winbourne Street, West Ryde (which is occupied by the former Marsden High School). The land is set to be rezoned from SP2 (Educational Establishment) to Part RE1 Public Recreation and Part C2 Environmental Conservation.

Recess period functions endorsed

Council votes to authorise the Mayor Clr Jordan Lane to exercise all functions of Council during the 2022/23 Christmas to New Year Recess period, specifically in a case of emergency and in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer.

2021/22 Annual Financial Statements

Council released its 2021/22 Annual Financial Statements and Auditor’s Reports for the financial year which ended on 30 June 2022.

Budget variations endorsed

Council endorsed variations in the adopted budget as required by the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021 and associated regulations.

New policies endorsed

Council adopted a new Councillor expenses and facilities policy. The policy is designed to ensure that City of Ryde Councillors have access to reasonable facilities and support to enable them to fulfil their civic duties.

The City of Ryde Property Policy was also endorsed. This policy sets out the framework for the management of all City of Ryde-controlled property to drive efficiencies and proactive management by Council.

Clean Energy Revolving Fund adopted

Council adopted a Clean Energy Revolving Fund for the City. A Green Revolving Fund (or Revolving Energy Fund) is a sustainable funding mechanism, whereby savings from delivery of sustainability projects are measured and then tracked, to be used to replenish the fund for the next round of investments.

In this way, funds used for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water efficiency projects can be spent multiple times to drive overall environmental performance outcomes of an organisation whilst producing long term cost savings.

The fund will ensure City of Ryde meets its obligations to ensure 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, and the State Government’s Net Zero targets towards reducing carbon emissions and ensuring the continuation of works for climate action. The fund will commence in 2023/24.

Community grants endorsed

Council voted for 32 local community organisations to receive grants under the City of Ryde Community Grants program, round two, 2022. The program assists organisations to help build community capacity and wellbeing.

There are seven categories, including Community Wellbeing, Events, Arts and Culture, Community Facilities and Equipment, Sport and Recreation, Small Grants and Venue Hire.

Lighting improvements for Ann Thorn Park

Council will investigate lighting options to improve safety at Ann Thorn Park, Meadowbank, following an increase in pedestrian use.

Granny Smith Festival report

Council will prepare a feasibility report to investigate extending the Granny Smith Festival to include Rowe Street East in Eastwood.

To view the minutes of the Council meeting, click here(PDF, 439KB).