Council meeting summary - 25 October 2022

Published on 01 November 2022

Council held its latest Ordinary meeting on 25 October 2022. The following is a summary of the outcomes from the meeting:

Passing of Former Clr Connie Netterfield

Council observed a minute’s silence to acknowledge the passing of former City of Ryde Councillor Connie Netterfield, who was a long-time resident of Ryde and a Central Ward Councillor from 1999 to 2008. Connie took a keen interest in social issues and was active in supporting the multicultural initiatives of Council. Connie was also very active in making the local area more accessible for residents including through the provision of kerb ramps, improved footpaths and other measures.

Greening Our City Grant

Council will apply for a grant from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment under the 2022 Greening our City grants. The grants are designed to support projects that increase urban greening in streets, parks and other public areas with a focus on suburbs where there is low canopy coverage and high urban heat. The State Government has allocated up to $10 million towards the project, for which eligible councils can apply.

Council congratulates Councillor-elect Justin Li

Council congratulated Councillor-elect Justin Li on his recent election as a West Ward Councillor. The City will also send a letter to all candidates congratulating them on participating in the important democratic process during the by-election.

Council encourages applications under Stronger Together Program

Council will approach suitable community organisation/s to enable an application to be submitted for grant funding under Multicultural NSW’s Stronger Together Grants Program.

Festivals and Events Grants range from $5,000 to $15,000 are available for festivals and events between 1 February 2023 – 30 June 2023.

Delegations and policies

Council confirmed that delegation be granted to the Chief Executive Officer for the next term of office and adopted the Interface and day-to-day oversight of the Chief Executive Officer by the Mayor including Mayor’s Roles and Responsibilities Policy.

Council will adopt the updated Code of Conduct – Standards of Conduct and the updated Code of Conduct – Complaints Procedure and also adopt the Councillor and Staff Interaction Policy – October 2022.

Saving TG Millner Fields

Council will make a submission to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment outlining its concerns regarding a planning proposal seeking to rezone land at the TG Millner Field site in Marsfield.

Council will also write to the Prime Minister, Premier of NSW, the NSW Minister for Planning, the Member for Ryde, the Member for Epping, the Member for Lane Cove, and the Member for Bennelong advising of our position and seeking their commitment or re-affirmation of their support for the retention of this important public recreational open space.

Tackling potholes

The Chief Executive Officer will write to the Minister for Local Government, the Hon. Wendy Tuckerman, seeking her assistance in making the Fixing Local Roads Pothole Repair Grant available to all NSW councils, including those in metropolitan Sydney.

Upcycling, Reuse and Repair Centre deferred

Council will defer investigation of establishing an Upcycling, Reuse and Repair Centre until plans for the community recycling centre progress. In the interim, Council will continue reviewing opportunities for resource recovery solutions.

Rockend Cottage to remain operational land

Council will classify Lot 1 DP 746316 (Rockend Cottage – formerly known as Banjo Patterson Cottage Restaurant) as Operational Land to facilitate leasing of the site.

The Mayor will also write to Nathan’s Lawns and Gardens thanking them for maintenance of the gardens since the previous operators left the building.

Ryde Traffic Committee recommendations

Council endorsed a number of recommendations from the Ryde Traffic Committee meeting held in September 2022, including:

  • Changing parking restrictions on St Annes Street, Ryde including converting a 6-metre section of unrestricted parking space to 15-minute restricted parking
  • Installing of a 72-metre ‘No Parking’ area on the southern side of Cobham Lane, Melrose Park
  • Changing ‘No Stopping’ restrictions on Sobraon Road, Marsfield
  • Extending the 1P 8am-6pm Mon-Sun and Public Holidays’ section on the western side of Ryedale Road, West Ryde to replace the existing bus zone.
Ryde Park playground and fitness equipment

Council will investigate and rectify any safety issues at Ryde Park Playground and consider installing outdoor fitness equipment.

Notices of Motion and Mayoral Minute framework changes

Council will introduce a standing agenda item on a quarterly basis to provide an update on Notices of Motion and Mayoral Minutes passed during Council meetings and will develop a framework to update Councillors on progress of these items.

Targeting illegal dumping

Noting the fluctuations in reports of illegal dumping on residential streets, Council will undertake a targeted education campaign to help reduce illegal dumping and increase patrols of dumping hotspots.

Managing companion animals

While noting the rise in dog ownership across the Ryde local government area, Council’s investment in local dog parks and infrastructure, and the role of local government in facilitating responsible dog ownership, Council also acknowledged the risk that untrained or poorly socialised dogs can present to the community.

It will review signage to increase community awareness about designated dog areas and the effectiveness of ranger patrols, as well as investigate the provision of free puppy training classes for dog owners.  

Meadowbank/Melrose Park Traffic Assessment

Council staff will report on the outcomes of the Meadowbank Traffic and Transport Study and undertake community consultation on measures and improvements identified.

Consultation regarding Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 – Waratah Street Bridge

Council’s CEO will initiate a consultation with Transport for NSW and all relevant State Government bodies regarding the Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 - Waratah Street Bridge to ensure that residents of this precinct in Ryde have sufficient input into a development that is directly affecting them.

Glen Street Carpark annual parking permits

Council will consult with relevant business owners in relation to increases in annual parking permits at Glen Street carpark in Eastwood and report on the outcome.

Report into commercial building at 144 Coxs Road

Council staff will provide a report on the commercial building at 144 Coxs Road, North Ryde and steps being taken to ensure the building is safe and fit for purpose.

Accessibility at Council events

Council staff will provide a report on improving accessibility for wheelchair, walker and mobility aid users at the Cork & Fork Festival and annual Council events held in parks.

To view the minutes of the Council meeting, click here(PDF, 390KB).