Council votes to keep Ryde Central in public hands

Published on 29 November 2023


City of Ryde Council voted to maintain public ownership of the Ryde Central site at its November 28, 2023, ordinary meeting.

In a motion that was passed six votes to four, Council acknowledged the iconic history of the site and support for the Ryde Central project.

However, Council deferred the construction of any new civic building at the Ryde Central site until sufficient funding can be identified.

It resolved to retain public ownership of the site and committed to robust and transparent community consultation to explain the status of the project to the community.

At the same time, Council resolved to write to the State Government seeking its commitment to retain the valuable TG Millner Fields site in Marsfield for the Ryde community.

Council will advise the Minister for Planning of a funding allocation by City of Ryde of $15 million towards the purchase of TG Millner, sourced from the Property Acquisition Reserve account.

Council further noted the commitment made by the now Labor State Government before the 2023 State Election to save TG Millner and will write to the Minister for Local Government to request the requisite funds so the Government can fulfil its election commitment.

Council was also briefed by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on responses to questions provided to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) prior to the publication of an article quoting former Auditor General, Tony Harris, who claimed Council was in an “exceptionally strong financial position”. The statement by the CFO provided clarity and better understanding of Council’s true financial situation at the end of the 2021/22 financial year.

The full transcript of the responses provided by the CFO to Council, and that had been provided to the SMH are on Council’s website, click here. This adds to a series of Statements by the CEO that have been made over the past six months, to keep the community fully informed on these matters in an open and transparent manner.