Extraordinary Council Meeting summary – 19 March 2024

Published on 21 March 2024


Council held an Extraordinary Meeting on Tuesday 19 March. The following is a summary of outcomes from the meeting:

Mayoral Minute – parking infringement notices

Council will send a response to the Minister of Finance outlining its current procedures about the issuing of parking infringements and noting that the current system is in line with the recommendations made by the minister. Further, Council will continue to regulate parking matters in accordance with fair and transparent practises and legislative requirements.

Mayoral Minute – service to the City of Ryde by Sarkis Yedelian OAM

Council noted the service of Clr Sarkis Yedelian OAM as Councillor, Deputy Mayor, and Mayor.

Election of Mayor

Clr Trenton Brown was elected Mayor of the City of Ryde after a show of hands. Clr Brown was the sole nominee and will serve as Mayor until the Local Government election on 14 September 2024.

Notice of rescission – Ryde Central

A rescission motion brought against a resolution about proposed open space at the Ryde Central site passed at the 27 February Council Meeting was defeated.

To view the minutes of the meeting, click here


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