Extraordinary Council Meeting summary – 23 January 2024

Published on 25 January 2024


Council held an Extraordinary Meeting on Tuesday 23 January. The following is a summary of outcomes from the meeting:

Mayoral Minute – Ryde Civic Centre

Council reaffirmed its commitment to undertake the Ryde Central project when suitable funds are available through prudent financial management that ensures Council remains fit for the future and there are no adverse impacts on the provision of rates, services, and programs. It also reaffirmed its commitment to retain public ownership of the site. It further resolved to explore a short-term option to use the Ryde Central site at 1 Devlin Street as public open space by filling in the excavated area of the site during this financial year. A report will be provided to Council detailing the provision of designs, cost estimates, and the feasibility of the required works, including a funding strategy. Council will also investigate how historic photographs and images can be incorporated into the design to acknowledge and create awareness of the iconic history of the Ryde Central site.

* This resolution is subject to a rescission motion that will be determined at an Extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 30 January 2024.

Mayoral Minute – 24 Halifax Street, Lachlan’s Line

Council noted that Building Work Rectification Orders issued for 23 Halifax Street, Lachlan’s Line, 3 Smith Street, Ryde, 13-15 Porter Street, Ryde, 2-6 Junction Street, Ryde, and 20 Nancarrow Street, Ryde, have caused stress to owners, residents, and the community and reduce confidence in the building industry to deliver high-rise buildings to required construction standards. Council will publish on its website the impacts of the defects at 23 Halifax Street to Council facilities at the site and where residents can find adequate support and resources to support their right to a safe home. Further:

  • The Mayor will write to the State Government asking that it put in place legislation for stronger building reform
  • Council will provide impacted residents with helpful information in the form of notices and a staff contact for any queries
  • Council will seek further clarification as to whether there are any impacts on its facilities
  • Council will write to the State Minister for Planning raising concern in regard to the planned 8,000 apartments in Macquarie Park to be created in a short period of time which could lead to similar risks for the community.

City of Ryde will also prepare a report for the Council and the community which details:

  • The development application, approvals, VPAs or developer contributions, delivery certifier, and any compliance issues
  • The number of residents and businesses who are potentially affected by this issue
  • Correspondence from and replies to the NSW Building Commission (and any reference to the structural reports of the building)  
  • Who was advised of this issue at the City of Ryde in October, what date was the letter received and was this information passed onto the CEO and the Mayor
  • What mechanisms can be put in place to make certain Councillors and community are informed about all future intentions by the Building Commission to serve a rectification order.

Mayoral Minute – Recognition of Australia Day

Council will reaffirm its commitment to Australia Day on 26 January and will conduct a Citizenship Ceremony to mark each Australia Day on 26 January.

To view the minutes of the meeting, click here



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