Pedestrian detour at Constitution Road

Published on 25 November 2022

Following the severe rain and storm events in late February and early March 2022, the retaining structure along the northern side of Constitution Road between Bowden Street and See Street, Meadowbank resulted in some rock face loosening and collapsing onto the adjoining footpath.

Council engaged geotechnical engineers in March 2022 to assess the risk of failure of the retaining structure. Based on the risk assessment, it was recommended to close the footpath adjacent to the retaining structure until stabilisation works are completed. Due to the potential risk of rocks falling from the retaining wall along Constitution Road, Ryde (between See Street and Bowden Street), and ongoing monitoring of the retaining wall structure, Council has maintained the closure of the footpath on the northern side of Constitution Road while the feasibility of stabilisation options are being investigated.

There is signage on either end of the footpath to advise the community of the closure of the footpath and pedestrian detours currently in place.

The northern detour (along Bowden Street and See Street) and the southern detour (which is a mix of walkway and stairs) are currently in place for pedestrian movements between Bowden Street and Railway Road, Meadowbank. These pedestrian detour paths have been assessed and developed by authorised traffic management consultant and reviewed by Council staff.

Council is currently investigating the option of cutting back the the bridge abutment under the Angas Street bridge to allow for the construction of a 1m walkway on the southern side of Constitution Road from Bowden Street to Railway Road.

Completed Works

  • Following the clearing of vegetation, a geotechnical consultant undertook an assessment on the feasibility of the rock trimming along the rock face 1-20 Railway Road and the bridge abutment under the Angas Street bridge. These works were completed early December 2022. 
  • The pedestrian crossing at the western end of Constitution Road and Bowden Street intersection was moved to improve safety in late December 2022.

Upcoming works

  • Tenders are currently being assessed and Council aims to engage a contractor by the end of June 2023 to undertake the works from mid year 2023.

Until these works are completed, the current detours will remain in place. For your safety during this time, please follow the detours outlined below.

We appreciate your patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Constitution Road Pedestrian Detour.jpg