Top tips to reduce your energy bills

Published on 25 May 2022

With winter well on the way and heating appliances being switched on, its easy to be caught unaware by the jump in your utility costs when the bill arrives.

Our Home Waste & Sustainability Officer has put together a list of top tips to help you save money in the long term and improve the comfort of your home while reducing your carbon footprint.

Electrify your home

Producing your own energy by installing solar panels is the obvious one, but did you know that hot water heating can account for 30% of your home energy use? You could save around 80% of your hot water energy and costs by switching to a heat pump hot water tank, arguably the most energy efficient hot water system on the market.

They are so efficient that you can receive an STC (small-scale technology certificate) discount off the cost just like solar panels. As a bonus, many systems have a timer that allows you to automatically switch on the heating at a time when your solar panels are generating the most solar energy on your home.

Use your air conditioner for heating

A well-maintained air conditioner set to run at the recommended temperature ranges of 19-22 degrees Celsius in winter and 23-26 degrees Celsius in summer is the most efficient heater option. Don’t forget to close your blinds and curtains by sunset to keep the warmth in your home! 

Substitute the heater for an electric heated throw

Do you need to heat the whole room or just yourself? An electric heated throw is far more energy efficient than running a heater and can keep you just as cosy if you’re on the couch or working from home.

Seal up your home to reduce reliance on artificial heating and cooling

Does your roof have full and complete insulation? A good R-value rating for the ceiling of Sydney homes is at least 5.0.

Also, make sure that you have curtains or blinds for glass windows and doors – insulated, close fitting and preferably with pelmets which will prevent precious heat loss in winter.

From pointing out the energy and water consuming appliances through to sealing up draughts, Council’s Home Waste & Sustainability Officer has plenty more tips to help you save on your utility bills while making your home comfortable.

City of Ryde residents—owners and tenants living in a house or an apartment—can book a free sustainability assessment to receive recommendations tailored for their home.

By booking a free assessment, you could enter the draw to be 1 of 3 lucky winners to receive $1,500 to spend on environmental improvements to your home!

To book a free assessment, visit the Home Waste and Sustainability Advisory Service webpage.

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