Four Year Delivery Program

The Four Year Delivery Program 2022-2026 and the one year Operational Plan for 2023-24 is Council’s commitment to delivering our emerging 10 year vision that is outlined in the City’s Community Strategic Plan: City of Ryde - The place to be for lifestyle and opportunity at your doorstep. 

The 2022-2026 Delivery Program details the principal activities that will be undertaken by council to perform its functions and deliver on the community’s priorities outlined in the Community Strategic Plan. The Delivery Program provides an outline of how the full range of Council functions and operations will deliver the services expected by the community, as well as the many legislative responsibilities and regulatory functions that Council is required to implement.

Council’s Operational Plan is a one year extract from the four years of the Delivery Program. It identifies the activities, capital portfolios, actions and projects Council plans to deliver over the financial year, in order to deliver the priorities and outcomes identified in the Delivery Program. The Operational Plan also includes Council’s annual budget and Statement of Revenue Policy and identifies the resources required to complete Council’s annual capital works program. Performance indicators are used to assess service delivery and the Council departments responsible for delivering these services.

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