Social Plan

The City of Ryde is reviewing its current five-year Social Plan and developing a new plan to help guide Council's work through to the year 2030. In early 2024, the community was invited to provide feedback for the Social Plan 2025-2030. You can learn more about this consultation by visiting the Past Have Your Say page.

Council is now excited to invite the community to join our series of interactive workshops. These sessions will provide a forum for in-depth discussions where you can contribute to the direction of City of Ryde's social, cultural and creative landscape. Register now to secure your spot in one of our workshops sessions and enjoy light refreshments as we work together to create a vibrant future. Please click the link below for more information.

Register for a Social Plan Workshop

The City of Ryde Social Plan 2025-2030 will outline a shared vision for the communities’ social wellbeing and improvement of social and cultural environment over the next five years. It will provide a roadmap to guide Council’s work through to the year 2030.

The Plan will be informed by a wide range of insights from community members and groups, service providers, government agencies, peak bodies and organisations to promote liveability, connectivity, accessibility to services, social and cultural diversity and inclusion.

How you can take part

A range of community and stakeholder engagement activities will be held during January and February 2024. Community and key stakeholders are invited to contribute through the various activities when this engagement commences. Feedback received will inform the vision for future of social and cultural environment in the City of Ryde and guide future activities, services and programs delivered by the community and Council.

What happens next

When all engagement activities have been completed, feedback will be reviewed, and an Engagement Outcome Report will be developed to inform the draft Social Plan 2025-2030.

The Draft Social Plan 2025-2030 will then be on public exhibition for final public feedback and validation by the community and stakeholders.   

Social Plan 2019-2024 (Current)

The Social Plan 2019-2024 outlines a strategic roadmap to sustain and improve social wellbeing in the City of Ryde for our communities and places as they grow and change over the next five years. It provides a shared vision for a cohesive, inclusive and healthy community and network of connected places and people. The five strategic directions, together with the vision, provide a framework to guide the future activities, services and programs delivered by the community and Council.