Change of Details

Boy with dog standing in front of a sold house

Change of Ownership

It is the responsibility of the person selling or giving away a dog / cat to advise Council of a change of ownership.

Change of ownership forms is available for download from this page or from your local veterinary clinic.

The following procedures should be followed:

  • Old owner to enter the details of the new owner onto the form including address and contact telephone numbers
  • The old owner must sign the change of ownership form
  • The new owner must sign the form
  • The old owner must forward the form to their local council
  • If the new owner has no microchip details or previous owner details, contact your local council - Council will record the changes on the NSW Companion Animals Register
  • Details will be updated and a Certificate given or sent to the new owner.

Unless your details are correct on the Companion Animals Register you may not be reunited with your pet if it is lost.

Change of Address 

You must tell the Council when:

  • You changed any of your personal details (within 14 days)
  • Your pet is missing more than 72 hours (within 96 hours).

Deceased Animals

You must tell the Council when: 

  • Your pet dies (within 28 days)
  • Your dangerous or restricted dog dies (within 24 hours)  

This can be done over the telephone or in writing with the following details of the animal:

  • Microchip number
  • Owner name
  • Registered Address of animal
  • Breed of animal
  • Sex of animal
  • Age of animal

There is no charge to notify these changes with your local Council. Contact Council's Customer Service Centre 9952 8222.