Dog Off Leash Areas

An off leash area is a designated public area in which dog owners can exercise dogs without a leash. These are the only areas in the City of Ryde where dogs are permitted to run free without a lead.

It is recognised that dogs benefit greatly from a chance to run freely and socialise with other dogs as it reduces boredom, pent-up energy, barking and other nuisance behaviour. 

Enclosed, Off-Leash At All Times

Fenced, Off-Leash At All Times

Off-Leash At All Times

See maps for off-leash areas within each park.

Off-Leash When Not Used For Organised Sport

See maps for off-leash areas within each park.

Rules for Off Leash Areas

  • All dogs using the area must be accompanied and supervised by a competent person
  • All dogs using the area must be able to be controlled without a leash, i.e. return to handler on command
  • Maximum of four dogs per person
  • Off leash activities permitted only in the designated area approved by Council
  • Dogs are only permitted in the off leash area as indicated on the sign-posts at each off leash area
  • Dogs that are declared dangerous by Council and are aggressive and restricted dogs as indicated under the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998 are not permitted to use the off leash area
  • Dog owners/controllers must remove all dog faeces deposited by the dog under their control
  • Dogs must not be encouraged to attack
  • Dog owners are liable under legislation if their dog attacks a person or animal.

To protect our local native wildlife, certain areas within City of Ryde have been declared Wildlife Protection Areas. These areas are Field of Mars Reserve, Kittys Creek corridor and Terrys Creek corridor. No dogs are allowed in Field of Mars Reserve. At Kittys Creek and Terrys Creek, dogs must be on leash along established tracks.