Myna Bird

Most birds are beneficial, but some species can cause problems if allowed to roost or nest in buildings.

Bird pests can carry mites or lice, which can attack humans. Accumulated bird droppings can also be a potential source of psittacosis infection in humans.

Common pest species include European starlings, common mynas and feral pigeons.

Bird pests can be controlled via the following methods:

  • Do not leave food out for birds
  • Feed pets indoors if possible
  • Store garbage in covered vermin-proof containers
  • Repair holes in roofs and walls to prevent the entry of birds
  • Install spikes on building ledges and other sites where birds roost

Fluttering plastic strips, mirrors and other devices intended to scare birds are unlikely to provide long-term control.

Other measures may be used in certain circumstances and you should contact a licensed pest controller for further advice. Licensed pest controllers are listed in the Yellow Pages under Pest Control.