European Wasps

European wasp

European wasps are about the size of a bee and bright yellow and black in colour, with black ‘V’ shaped markings on their abdomen.

European wasps are more aggressive than bees and will attack when their nests are disturbed. However, unlike bees, wasps can use their stings more than once.

Wasp stings cause intense local pain and swelling. However, people who or are allergic to wasp venom, or have been stung multiple times, may have a more severe reaction and require urgent medical attention.

European wasps build large communal nests that can house over 100,000 wasps. The nests are built underground, in wall or ceiling cavities, or hollows in trees and are normally only visible as a small entrance hole.

If you believe that you have a European wasp nest on your property you will need to arrange for a licensed pest controller to destroy the wasps. Licensed pest controllers are listed in the Yellow Pages under Pest Control.