Fly on branch

Flies can cause annoyance and transmit diseases such as shigella, salmonella and dysentery to humans.

Flies breed in decaying organic matter such as animal manure, compost and garbage where they pick up bacteria and viruses, which can be transferred on the fly’s body to food and utensils. Flies also transfer disease organisms in their vomit and faeces when they feed.

Control of flies:

  • Store garbage in fly-proof bins with close-fitting lids
  • Locate garbage storage areas away from door entrances
  • Collect and dispose of animal droppings daily
  • Store compost and manure in fly-proof bins with close-fitting lids
  • Dig in manure placed on garden beds
  • Fit windows and doors with insect screens and self-closing fly-proof doors and keep them in good repair
  • Use surface sprays on favoured resting areas and space sprays to kill flies in flight, taking care to follow the label directions
  • Sticky paper and light traps, which electrocute flies, can also be used to control flies inside buildings.