Organise a Community Partnership Day

Engaging with local businesses since 2001, the City of Ryde Bushcare Program has provided opportunities for staff to become involved with bushcare activities within the City of Ryde. Strong partnerships have been forged, with some businesses returning year after year to continue work in the same park. 

It is an opportunity for companies to promote team-building activities and environmental and community awareness. Corporate volunteers will be able to experience an activity outside their usual and have a sense of satisfaction. 

By providing a well-structured Corporate Partnership Program, the City of Ryde Bushcare Program aims to expand on work already undertaken in bushland areas and form networks with local businesses. The focus will be on long term strategic projects which enhance biodiversity conservation and improve the effectiveness of bushland management.

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Past Community Partnership Days

  • Novartis Pharmaceuticals
    31 volunteers from Novartis Pharmaceuticals helped plant 800 trees, shrubs and groundcovers along a cycle way at Pembroke Park.
  • Macquarie Centre Management 
    Staff from Macquarie Centre Management volunteered at the Robinson Street Bushcare site to remove large noxious weeds and vines from an area along Buffalo Creek.
  • Sorenzo Restaurant 
    Staff from Sorenzo Restaurant at Shepherds Bay cleared noxious weeds such as privet and lantana to complement the work undertaken by the Waterloo Park Bushcare Group. The team did a fantastic job in a matter of hours, transforming the site.
  • Optus
    Optus have sponsored bush regeneration works along Shrimptons Creek and staff are actively volunteering in Booth Reserve, North Ryde. This community partnership has enabled Optus staff to become involved with hands-on environmental work in their local area.
  • Tzu Chi Foundation
    The Eastwood based Tzu Chi Foundation have been working on revegetation projects every eight weeks at a number of bushland reserves. In the last year 115 volunteers helped to plant 1000 locally indigenous plants.  These revegetation projects are improving habitat corridors for wildlife in the Ryde Local Government Area.
  • Medtronic
    Volunteers from Medtronic spread 20m³ of mulch and planted 600 locally indigenous plants during their Community Partnership Day at Darvall Park. This project has helped to improve the habitat value and visual amenity of the park and complements work undertaken by the Darvall Park Bushcare Group.
  • National Tree Day
    On National Tree Day, local residents helped to improve a habitat corridor in Olympic Park, Ryde. The community tree planting activity was a success.