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Hornsby Enriched Sandstone Exposed Woodland

Hornsby Enriched Sandstone Exposed Woodland is a low open eucalypt woodland with an open to dense shrub layer. It is one of a suite of heathy sandstone woodlands found in Sydney coastal environments. It occurs on sandstone ridges at the end of northern Sydney plateaus. The shrub layer otherwise carries a diverse mix of sclerophyllous shrubs that are typical in other Sydney sandstone woodlands. The ground layer is a sparse to moderate cover of grasses, sedges and small herbs. Hornsby Enriched Sandstone Exposed Woodland occurs within a narrow band of mean annual rainfall between 900-1100mm.

This native vegetation community is found along ridgetops in soils that are sandy and shallow. Along the ridgetops are exposed slopes of Hawkesbury Sandstone, such as those found on Sugarloaf Hill.

Native Species List

Common Name 

Botanical Name 

Approximate Height

Dwarf Apple  Angophora hispida  3-4m 
Scribbly Gum  Eucalyptus haemastoma  10-15m 
Red Bloodwood  Corymbia gummifera  20-30m 
Sydney Peppermint  Eucalyptus piperita  15m 
Sydney Golden Wattle  Acacia longifolia   
Sweet-scented Wattle  Acacia suaveolens   
Black She-Oak  Allocasuarina littoralis   
Heath-leaved Banksia  Banksia ericifolia subsp. ericifolia   
Fern-leaved Banksia  Banksia oblongifolia   
Old Man Banksia  Banksia serrata   
Eggs and Bacon  Dillwynia retorta   
Grey Spider-flower  Grevillea buxifolia   
Tickbush  Kunzea ambigua   
Mountain Devil  Lambertia formosa   
Paperbark Tea-tree  Leptospermum trinervium   
Small Leaf Beard Heath  Leucopogon microphyllus   
Micrantheum Micrantheum ericoides   
Smooth Geebung  Persoonia levis   
Heath Phyllota  Phyllota phylicoides   
Wreath Bush-pea  Pultenaea tuberculata   
Snow Wreath  Woollsia pungens   
Grass Tree  Xanthorrhoea media   
Ground Covers     
Lesser Flannel Flower  Actinotus minorActinotus minor   
Tall Speargrass  Austrostipa pubescens   
Sydney Boronia  Boronia ledifolia   
Sheath Rush  Cyathochaeta diandra   
Blue Damperia  Dampiera stricta   
Blue Flax Lily  Dianella caerulea   
Right-angle Grass Entolasia stricta   
Pale Mat Rush  Lomandra glauca   
Vines and Climbers     
Apple Dumplings  Billardiera scandens   
Devil's Twine  Cassytha pubescens   
Location in city of ryde


Last updated on 23 August 2018