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Car Share

Car sharing supports community transport and sustainability goals by reducing the demand of on-street car parking, reducing private vehicle ownership and encouraging a shift to sustainable transport modes, resulting in better air quality and lower carbon emissions due to reduced traffic fumes.

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Car Share Policy

The City of Ryde Car Share policy applies to fixed car share spaces located on City of Ryde streets or in City of Ryde owned carparks.  

Specific objectives of Council’s Car Share Policy include: 

  • using on-street parking spaces more efficiently: by reducing the parking demand created by underused private vehicles. 
  • reducing traffic congestion, vehicle trips and greenhouse emissions: by reducing vehicle kilometres travelled, and shifting travel to more fuel efficient vehicles. 
  • supporting the local economy: by reducing the need of businesses and individuals to own a private vehicle and car space.  
  • reducing the growth in private car ownership: By using car share vehicles, car share users defer or reduce their private car ownership.   
  • increasing social inclusion: by enabling access to a variety of vehicles to households who could not otherwise afford them.  
  • increasing health: as people walk and cycle more.  

These objectives are consistent with the following City of Ryde outcome areas under Council’s 2028 Community Strategic Plan:  

  • “Our natural and sustainable city”, specifically the goal to reduce our environmental footprint; 
  • “Our connected and accessible city”, for promoting sustainable transport and reducing reliance on private car ownership; 
  • “Our vibrant and liveable city” increasing community connection and promotion of an inclusive and active lifestyle; 

It is also consistent with Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement  2020 Planning Priority T4 to “Adopt a city-wide car share program and prioritise car and ride share parking to enhance transport sustainability”.

Car Share Operators

Implementation of the Car Share Policy will be undertaken through an open application process conducted by Council once per year open to eligible car share operators by invitation to submit applications. Council’s Fixed Space Car Share Guidelines set out the general requirements for dedicated car share parking including the siting and location of car share spaces, allocation of car share spaces, eligibility and obligations of car share operators, management of car share spaces and associated fees and charges. 

Car share operators will be invited to submit an expression of interest in July 2021.

Car Next Door

Car Next Door is a peer-to-peer car sharing network option, allowing people to rent privately owned vehicles from around their area by the hour or day. See Car Next Door for more details.

Fixed Car Share Locations

In November 2020, Council approved 25 new fixed car share spaces. The locations of the new fixed car share space locations can be viewed via our online interactive map or by clicking on one of the locations listed below.

The dedicated bays have been allocated to two car share operators—POPCAR and GoGet. To book a car with either car share operator, please visit the POPCAR website or the GoGet website. 

Location Number Address
1. 14 Constitution Road, Ryde
45 Meadow Crescent, Meadowbank
3.  303 Morrison Road, Ryde
4.  1 - 3 Lee Avenue, Ryde
5.  5 Anderson Avenue, Ryde
6. 20 Herbert Street, Ryde
7a. 13 Angas Street, Meadowbank
8a. 1 Rothesay Avenue, Ryde
23. 4 Bay Drive, Meadowbank 
Location Number Address
7b. 13 Angas Street, Meadowbank
8b. 1 Rothesay Avenue, Ryde
9. 21 Bay Drive, Meadowbank
10. 91 Constitution Road West, Meadowbank
11. 143 Bowden Street, Meadowbank
12. Opposite 1-3 Bank Street, Meadowbank
13. 17 Meadow Crescent, Meadowbank
14. Meadow Crescent (East Side), Outside 21-22 Bank Street, Meadowbank
15. 90 Belmore Street (East Side), Ryde
16. 9 Rothesay Avenue , Ryde
 17. Constitution Road, Corner Belmore Street, Ryde
18. 12 Isabel Street, Ryde 
 19. 16 Hamilton Crescent West, Ryde 
 20. 22-26 Herbert Street, West Ryde 
21. Opposite 31 Wattle Street, West Ryde
22. 30-32 Forster Street, West Ryde


For all of GoGet's locations within the City of Ryde, visit their website.


All enquiries regarding the application should be addressed to Council at or call 9952 8222.

Last updated on 7 July 2021