Reduce Reuse Recycle

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Our resources are precious and finite and are simply too good to waste.

We need to look at ways of keeping waste out of landfill and contributing to a circular economy. We’ve listed a few ideas below to help give your items a new lease on life.

FREE Council services
  • Hold a Second Hand Garage Sale to sell your unwanted household items and Council will advertise it for you in the local paper
  • Book a Collection and Rehoming service provided by The Bower for household items including furniture, whitegoods and electronic appliances
  • Use our clothing bins to donate good quality clothing, accessories and textiles to people in need
  • Book a Television and Computer Collection Service to recycle old TVs, computers and accessories
  • Use our Problem Waste Drop-Off Stations to recycle household batteries, light globes, ink cartridges and mobile phones
  • Take problem waste such as paint, gas bottles, motor oils and car batteries to our Community Recycling Centre at 8 Waltham Street, Artarmon.
Other options 
  • Sell or give your items away on websites such as Facebook Marketplace, Buy Swap Sell, Pay it Forward, Freecycle, Gumtree or eBay
  • Donate clothing and homewares in good condition to your local charity store or The Generous and Grateful
  • Use The Bower’s Reuse database to find reuse organisations in your area or borrow items from their E-Tool Library
  • Find your nearest Terracycle community collection hub to recycle a multitude of items such as office supplies, media storage and personal care accessories.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

There are lots of ways we can reduce our impact on the environment by being more mindful consumers. 

How many of these do you already do? Pat yourselves on the back for each one!

Are there any other eco-friendly alternatives you could incorporate into your daily routine?

Swap this for that
  • Bring your own shopping bags and produce bags instead of using plastic bags
  • Look for products with recycled or no packaging instead of excessive packaging
  • Bring your own refillable water bottle everywhere you go instead of buying single-use bottles
  • Take your own coffee cup on your next coffee run instead of throwing out take away cups
  • Bring your own cutlery and straw when you eat on the go instead of using single-use plastic items
  • Use beeswax wraps or food pouches instead of cling wrap  
  • Opt for bulk condiment and sauce dispensers instead of single serve packets.
Take it to the next level 
  • Shop at bulk food stores with your own containers or jars
  • Take your own containers to your local deli or butcher
  • Let your favourite take away place know you’ll be bringing your own containers
  • Bring containers to restaurants for leftovers
  • Buy second hand clothing and homewares instead of buying new products
  • Use cloth nappies instead of disposable nappies.

Sustainable Entertaining

Parties and picnics are often some of the biggest causes of waste, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a bit of planning, you can throw a fabulous event and not feel guilty about your carbon footprint.

At home
  • Prepare the right amount of food for the number of guests coming to avoid food waste
  • Send your guests home with leftovers in reusable containers if you over-cater or freeze them for another day
  • Use your crockery, glassware and cutlery instead of disposable options
  • Use linen tablecloths instead of plastic tablecloths 
  • Use cloth napkins instead of serviettes
  • Use a dish cloth instead of paper towels to clean up
  • Recycle your bottles, cans, containers, paper and cardboard 
  • Compost your fruit and vegetable scraps.
Out and about
  • Make or borrow a party kit full of reusable items such as plates, cups, cutlery and utensils
  • Bring large drink and sauce dispensers instead of individual bottles and packets
  • Opt for metal or paper straws instead of plastic straws or avoid them altogether
  • Make your own decorations or bring reusable banners or bunting instead of balloons and streamers
  • Use the recycling bins provided or take your bottles to your nearest Return and Earn site
  • Take soft plastic packaging to the REDcycle bins at your local supermarket
  • If there are no bins or the bins are full, take your waste with you to avoid creating litter.