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Workshops, Talks & Tours

The City of Ryde Waste Department hosts a number of workshops, talks and tours for Ryde residents. Details of these events are posted on this page and updated closer to the event date.  


Learn how to reduce up to 50% of your rubbish output, save money and reduce water consumption in the garden by setting up your own compost bin or worm farm.

Furniture Painting Workshop 

Learn how to restore furniture pieces to recreate your own favourite circa look, bit it French provincial, retro or industrial.

  • Workshop dates will be posted closer to the event.
Plastic-free Life Workshop

This workshop looks at the ways to eliminate plastic from our lives by suggesting alternatives to common products and demonstrating how to make safe, beeswax-infused food wraps.

  • Workshop dates will be posted closer to the event.

Residents of Ryde 18 years and above are invited on a free tour of Visy Materials Recycling Facility at Smithfield where materials from your yellow-lidded recycling bin are sorted. The tour will be followed up with a short presentation by City of Ryde staff and light afternoon tea. 


Kitchen gardening is a great way to connect your food, plants and culture. Growing your commonly used herbs or vegetables does not only provide your family with fresh food it also reduces your carbon footprint. Come along to learn tips and tricks to create a kitchen garden in your back yard or balcony.

Green Cleaning Workshop 

Did you know that instead of using harmful store bought cleaning chemicals you can use natural, biodegradable substances as cleaning aids to make your home clean and safe to be in? The good news is most of these natural ingredients are already in your pantry so you will also be reducing waste and saving money.

  • Workshop dates will be posted closer to the event.
Living with Less Workshop

If you need help with reducing the clutter in your life, want to reduce your housework and just want some more breathing space, then this workshop is for you.

  • Workshop dates will be posted closer to the event.
Natural Skincare Workshop 

Did you know you can make your own natural skincare products from common pantry items, fruit and plants grown in your garden? Creams, toothpaste, lip balms, shampoos – all can be made at home and the final products will be gentle on your skin.

Furniture Restoration Workshop 


Celebrate National Recycling Week by learning how to give new life to a pre-loved piece of furniture.


Meal Planning and Food Waste Avoidance Workshop 

Meal planning is a great way to reduce food waste by only buying what you need. This is especially important in the lead up to Christmas which is traditionally one of the most wasteful times of the year.


Learn about the diversity of our internal ecosystem - gut flora - by introducing and feeding a wide range of beneficial organisms and how to safely ferment fruit and vegetables. You will also have a chance to make a jar of colourful seasonal kraut.

  • Workshop dates will be posted closer to the event. 

In the workshop you will hear about various preserving techniques and make a jar of preserves using common kitchen equipment and utensils.

  • Workshop dates will be posted closer to the event. 
More Information

For more information about City of Ryde Workshops, Talks and Tours please visit our event listings page or call Council's Customer Service on 9952 8222. 


Last updated on 10 September 2019