What is a Household CleanUp?

Household CleanUp is one a free waste disposal service offered by Council to City of Ryde residents, for the disposal of bulky unwanted household items.

How many CleanUps do I have access to?

Each property has access to up to 5 CleanUp collections per calendar year, which can not be carried over to the next year.

How much can I put out?

Place no more than 1.5 cubic metres of material out per collection, which is roughly equivalent to one 1.8m x 1.2m box trailer load. Double bookings are available to those residents that have 1.5 to 3 cubic metres of materials to dispose of; however this must be specified at the time of booking and logged as separate bookings.


Is anyone entitled to a CleanUp?

Household CleanUp is paid for through the annual domestic waste charge, therefore only domestic rate payers (owners and renters) can utilise this service. People living in or above commercial premises are not entitled to a CleanUp, as they do not pay for the service in their rates. Business / Commercial and some Non-Ratable properties are not eligible for Household CleanUp.


When can I place my items out for collection?

You can only place items on your nature strip 1 day before your booked collection date (no earlier and no later), this prevents other people from adding to your pile which could make your pile non-compliant and makes our streets cleaner and safer.

Items placed out earlier may be considered as illegal dumping, with fines exceeding $2,000. 


What can I place out for collection?

Click here for a full list of accepted and not-accepted Household CleanUp items. Items will not be collected if they are non-compliant.


I live in a unit block, am I entitled to a CleanUp?

Yes you are, however you will share a CleanUp with all of the residents within your complex. Therefore, your Managing Body (e.g. Strata Manager, Body Corporate or designated contact person) will need to book a Household CleanUp on behalf of your unit complex. Each unit within the complex is entitled to place out 1.5 cubic metres of material, just like those living in a house.


How do I find out the next CleanUp date for my unit complex?

Check your communal notice board, as there may be a poster that states when your next collection date is. If not, ask your neighbour or contact your Managing Body and they will advise you of the next collection date. Remember, do not place items on the nature strip until 1 day before your booked collection date.


I live in a duplex, can I book a Clean Up myself or does my Managing Body have to on behalf of the complex?

If you live in a duplex, villa or townhouse and you have your own set of bins, then you may book your own Household CleanUp. However, if your complex has a bin bay and all of the units share bins, then your Managing Body will need to make a CleanUp booking on behalf of your complex.

If you are unsure, please confirm with Customer Service on 9952 8222.


Can I book in advance?

Yes and council encourages you to plan ahead to avoid disappointment in not getting the day you require, especially during peak times such as holiday periods. You can book up to 12 months in advance. Bookings need to be made at least 10 business days in advance. 


Why hasn’t my CleanUp pile been collected?

You should have received a card in your letterbox or a pink sticker on your CleanUp pile explaining why your items were not collected. If not, please call Customer Service on 9952 8222. However, it may have been due to one of the following reasons:

  • When the waste contractor visited your property, no items were placed out for collection. A card should have been placed in your letterbox advising the time they visited.
  • Your CleanUp items were obstructed or inaccessible.
  • A CleanUp was not booked for your property.
  • The total volume of your CleanUp pile exceeded the standard allowance of 1.5 cubic metres.
  • All of your items were non-compliant. Click here for a full list of accepted and not accepted items.
  • Your CleanUp items were on private property – items must be safely placed on the nature strip.
  • Your CleanUp pile was incorrectly presented. Click here for CleanUp requirements.


  • Sorry, we may have missed your collection. Please report your missed service to Customer Service on 9952 8222.
  • The drivers could not find your address. If your property is not easy to find or is on a corner, please ensure you specify at time of booking.

    Why were some of my items left behind?

    • These items may not be accepted as part of CleanUp.
    • These items may have been non-compliant e.g. garden organics were not bundled or tied.
    • The total volume of your CleanUp pile exceeded the standard allowance of 1.5 cubic metres.

    Click here for a full list of accepted and not accepted items, CleanUp conditions and restrictions.


    I've forgotten to place my items out on the nature strip on time for collection, what happens now?

    As per the terms and conditions mailed out to all residents who have made a Household CleanUp booking, residents are reminded that items must be placed on the nature strip no earlier or later than 1 day before the booked collection. Residents who forget to place their items out on time, forfeit that collection and must bring the items back inside the private property until such time as another booking can be made.

    Residents who have utilised all five of their allocated CleanUp collections for the calendar year, may opt to make an additional booking for a fee subject to restrictions. Please contact Customer Service on 9952 8222 for more information


    I have just moved into a new house and the previous tenants/owners have used all the CleanUp allocations. What can I do?

    Unfortunately some tenants, owners or previous owners do use all 5 CleanUp allocations within the period from 1st January – 31st December, however you can contact Council’s waste department on 9952 8118 to discuss your situation.


    I have no CleanUp collections remaining for the year. When will they be reinstated to 5 collections?

    Each property has access to up to 5 at-call collections every year. If you have used your annual entitlement we will not remove any excess items. CleanUp allocations are reinstated to 5 collections each year on the 1st of January. Once a property has used their 5 CleanUp collections, they must take materials to their nearest transfer station at their own expense.


    Are items I place out for Household CleanUp recycled?

    Residents must specify at the time of booking if they have metal and garden organics, so we can send separate trucks. Garden organics presented in plastic bags will not be recycled. Where possible items are separated for recycling at the transfer station, however not all items can be recycled once compacted. 

    Council encourages residents to use CleanUp as a last resort to dispose of unwanted items. To extend the life of your items and to prevent them from going to landfill, repurpose, reuse, refurbish, sell or donate your unwanted items, as one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

    Click here for other ways to dispose of unwanted items.


    What time does the truck come to collect my CleanUp items?

    The trucks commence service at 5:30am however there is no allocated time the truck will arrive, as it can vary depending on the location and number of CleanUps they have to collect that day. This is why items must be placed on the nature strip 1 day before the booked collection date.


    Can I cancel my Household CleanUp?

    Yes, please call Customer Service on 9952 8222 to cancel your booking. However, you must provide at least 2 working days notice